What Can Brown Do To Me?

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  1. o9rady

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    For the 2nd time in as many months, UPS has LOST my paycheck (TWICE this time!). As a single dad with 3 kids, this is crippling. Sorry kids, its Chef Boyardee & Ramen noodles for 3 days (at least). Of course the first couple levels of CSR's are virtually useless for anything other than repeating what I can already see on the UPS tracking site.

    This one "supervisor" named L***** "BET HIS JOB" that my paycheck would arrive this morning. Well somebody needs to let H.R. know that L***** either needs to be fired or turn in his 2 week notice because at this point UPS doesn't even know where is my paycheck.

    A 3rd level up "supervisor" (manager?) named B**** F****** "GUARANTEED" that my paycheck would be here this morning! He even gave me his direct extension so I could call him back. Hmmm. Nice trick, B****. When you call the number, you get a recording that UPS is closed today and there is no option to dial your extension.

    This morning I got do deal with a Mr. M*** H*****, who acted like he should be upset WITH ME because I am upset that UPS is totally incompetent and has no clue where my check is, when it will get here, and I am some kind of inconvenience because I'd like to have an answer other than "just keep tracking your package online".

    I love how the CSR's use "I'm sorry" to "fix" everything. Unfortunately, my kids can't eat "apologies".

    It is TOTALLY RIDICULOUS the LIES and empty promises that UPS threw at me. Really, I don't care about all that. I just NEED my paycheck. With it being the Saturday before Easter, my check will be lost at least until Monday, probably longer.

    Its obvious that there is absolutely NO conscious thought at UPS from the top down that the packages UPS is delivering can have a serious impact on people's lives.

    I wish something would happen and every paycheck at UPS would bounce, not go through, not get delivered or whatever and everyone at this crappy company would get to learn first hand what it is like to go hungry so that your kids don't.

    Last thing, for all the UPS people who LIED to me, I hope you get to experience personally the heartache you have all caused me.
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  2. washington57

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    you need to get the union involved ASAP.
  3. softshoe

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    Ever here of Direct Deposit?
  4. Re-Raise

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    He isn't an employee. He thinks he should have received his package with the check in it.

    We don't deliver anything but overnight Saturday packages on Saturday. No one at UPS would tell you that your package would be delivered today.

    You may want to consider direct deposit if your finances are that tight.

    Are you comfortable posting the tracking number? That would shed a lot of light on the situation.
  5. washington57

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    thank you..makes a lot more sense now.
  6. o9rady

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    Here are the details that I can share. Package was shipped Wednesday afternoon from South Carolina to Dallas, TX. It was due Friday. At 1700 Friday, when it was determined the package was still in South Carolina. Mr. F****** "upgraded" the package to "Saturday Delivery". At 23:20 Friday, the package scanned in at Lexington, KY and that is the last that anyone has seen of the package. The people in Kentucky say they don't have it, the people in Texas say it's not here, either. As far as direct deposit goes, not an option for me.

    The last time they lost my check, they told me it was "out for delivery" for 6 hours, only to tell me at 1745 that my package had never left the terminal. I had to drive 40 miles (each way) in ice and snow to retrieve it myself. Had UPS not lied to me all day, I could have driven to Fort Worth at noon before the roads started getting bad. It took me over 2 hours to get back to my house because UPS decided to keep feeding me the "company line" for 6 hours.
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  7. Re-Raise

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    Why was it held in South Carolina? Was there a problem with the address?

    The only way anyone would know where the package is by following the tracking number. No one you could talk to on the phone would know if your package was in a location or not. Every center handles thousands of packages daily.

    Is there a destination scan in Dallas?
  8. dillweed

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    This is bad, sorry it's happening. Personally, I'd see about using the USPS if possible. I don't know of a letter or pkg sent to me in 50 years that hasn't made it.

    Never thought I'd share this here but I know a woman who works in customer service, UPS. They bs people all the time. Once the people get irrate, as they have a right to, and ask for a supervisor this woman lets her friend know and transfers the call over. Nope, she is not a supervisor. They are just overpaid lazy women who don't give a damn and they play with the customer until he/she wears down.

    I see next day air letters stuck in areas of the belt, shredding as other pkgs run over them. Tell a sup? Sure, he'll see about getting it out at break. Maybe. It's not worth turning the belt off and having ft sup yelling about it.

    I'm not proud of the company I work for. Merely proud of myself for surviving it this long. All in the name of survival.
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    Steve Miller Band. Take the Money and Run song comes to mind Dillweed.
  10. klein

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    I found one of those half shredded envelopes once, was express, too, but dated over 6 months ago....
    Somehow was caught underneath the belt.

    I agree with dillweed. I don 't trust envelopes much with UPS.
    (actually even packages, they take a beating) !

    And oddly enough, one of my on car sups took some house keys mistakenly with him, from his friends place in another city, 180miles south of mine.
    His buddy couldn't get into his house - so while we were on route, we stopped at the UPS store, he paid for the shipment, and since it was part of my pick-up, we brought it along.
    He personally went to the designated trailer at the depot, and made sure it would make it to the other city, atleast !
    That's how little confidence the sups have with UPS service !
  11. Re-Raise

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    Wow that is not my experience. I have had USPS letters not make it to me for whatever reason. Sometimes after a storm I will see mail boxes along my route that have been blown open. If something has blown out of the box you would never know if it was delivered or not.

    At least we have tracking numbers on EVERYTHING that runs through our system. If I saw a next day letter, or any package for that matter, stuck in a belt I would see that it was removed before it was damaged.

    I don't really care if a sup decides to yell about it.
  12. scratch

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    Wow, use USPS instead? the only time I have ever paid a late fee on a bill was because the post office lost my payment. Twice on car payments and once on my mortgage. I am wondering if there is something more to o9rady's problem since this has happened twice recently, like the shipper using an incorrect address.
  13. klein

    klein Für Meno :)

    You also sent it 1st class mail for 30 cents or less at the time.
    Try priority and registered (sig required), and comes with tracking number.
    Might cost $10, but it will get there.
  14. UpstateNYUPSer

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    ...or you can pay your bills online and have your paycheck direct deposit...
  15. klein

    klein Für Meno :)

    I'm thinking if the poster doesn't have a bank account, perhaps get one of those greendot prepaid credit cards.
    The sender can easily transfer the funds onto the card, instead of issuing a check.

    Just fill out the prepaid credit card payroll form, fax it to the check issurer, and you're all set.
  16. brownmonster

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    It is sad if you don't get a check Friday you can't feed your kids on Saturday. Even when I took home less than the average parking meter I always had a couple bucks laying around somewhere.
  17. UPSGUY72

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    Without a tracking number I ( we ) can't help this guy. So anything said is speculation. But I suspect that the package was entered into the system by the shipper WED but not shipped on the same date.

    HEFFERNAN Huge Member

    It sounds like the first time "we" lost his paycheck, his area was under bad weather and the driver probably had to run trace with airs on route. We cant be blamed for that. We recieved late air Thursday from Louisville because of severe storms so that may have ruined some timing for his delivery.
  19. dillweed

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    We are living in some very sad times, brownmonster. Honest, hardworking folks are being hit hard, even those who have made thoughtful financial choices. The game has changed and the rules change rapidly.
  20. menotyou

    menotyou bella amicizia

    Any upgraded Saturday packages at my center were delivered ONLY if it was easy to drop. If we had to go miles, we were told- Don't. Personally, flowers and paychecks got delivered no matter what.