What can I really do about management not paying me

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  1. I've been with ups for 2 years, drove cover during peak last year, and have been driving sat air since. On many occasions during peak my PT managers in charge of putting my time in and making sure I got paid, would just not do it and I wouldn't get paid and would have to go get my time cards and hand them to h and wait for him to put it in and get mailed. We'll now I'm back in the building, And driving on Saturdays and I check my paycheck and didn't get paid for last sat. This is prob the 10th time this has happened not counting the times they did it during peak. In my experience filling as a PTer does nothing but make them work you like a slave and having to print my time card every week and personally hand it to him just seems childish.
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    Take a steward up in the office and tell center manager if this happens 1 more time youll have to get your lawyer involved. Bet problem stops then.
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    Slavery was outlawed in the 19th century. Show them your records (you do have accurate records, right?) of your time and say "pay me or I'm grieving it". Other than that you'll have to hire a lawyer which will cost more than you're owed.

    You should have kept up on this week by week. I know I would have. We work too hard to be short-changed even $1. Think about it, your manager is going to pay you the least amount of money as possible and its up to you to check your paycheck every week. He/she is going to interpret the contract pay rate that favors them. Although you shouldn't have to by any means, its the reality of the situation at UPS.

    Good luck, but I would have never let this get past 1 week
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    When you receive a paycheck that is short, notify your manager immediately and file a grievance. They have 48 hours to pay you or the penalty pay clock starts ticking.
    Read up on this language in the contract for part timers. I think if they short you more than $20, penalty pay is applicable. For each pay period the original shortage is not corrected, you are entitled to half of your daily guarantee in penalty pay.
    This will not solve the problem of your paycheck being wrong, but makes you feel a little better when they finally fix it.
    2 years ago we had an idiot manager that didn't address all the mistakes made by our payroll department. As a result, I made an extra $8,000 in penalty pay that year. I'm a full timer, though.

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    Do you clock in for Sat air on the timecard web or through your board? Either way....make it your priority when you show up for preload, to go find your FT sup and have him verify your hours for that week before they send payroll on friday. If he refuses, get your steward. That way they can correct any "mistakes" and your check won't be short. Yes, it's annoying as hell! I have to do the same thing tomorrow morning...my center manager asked me to come in an hour early today. I know if I don't verify it...I will be shorted an hr of OT in my next check.
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    There is nothing a lawyer can do. He has avenues of recovery within the system, and he would have to exhaust all those avenues before a lawyer could become involved.

    This is not good advice to follow and I dont recommend you make such an empty threat.

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    The problem we have is someone has to come in Saturday evening to make sure the Saturday air time gets loaded into that weeks payroll. Talk to your Saturday sup and find out if he is putting your time in that day or waiting for someone else to do it. Are you the only Saturday driver having trouble getting paid right?
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    Overreact much?
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    Our Saturday air sup faxes in the time card(s) just before he leaves for the day.
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    Long story short...it, ultimately, is up to you to keep track of your hours. OH? Well, in your case, it's been proven that relying on THEM ain't workin, right? We, in feeders, are responsible for keeping our own hours. If stopped by the DOT, do you think we can fluff it off and say, "Well, I don't know. The company's sposed to be keeping track"?

    Keep a log of your time, whatever you do each day, whatever your job is, whatever your pay rate it. Mark it down, RELIGIOUSLY!

    When you get your check, compare with your logs. If incorrect, start with immediate supes, if no satisfaction, go to manager or whoever inputs your time. If no satisfaction there, then file grievance, as stated. If it is not corrected, as also has been stated, keep track of penalty pay.

    Locally, I found that communication usually, I said, USUALLY, corrected a problem without going any further. BUT, you have to take appropriate steps and those steps start with dealing with the supes and managers first.
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    Grieve it, make them prove you didn't work. If only there was a tracking device in our DIADs, or a DVIR with your name and date in it, or delivery records if you were to deliver air on Sat.

    Man, this company should have reports for all of these things to make sure people are doing what they should be doing. Imagine the possibilities, oh well, at least I still have my 8 tracks and PAC MAN to play down at the arcade.

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    Management gets in big trouble if they screw around with employee pay. It could be as simple as your information not being correct in the system to a dirty supervisor trimming minutes to make a goal.

    Have steward and BA take this to the top. It should not happen again afterwards.

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    Why did I know who 2 of the 3 that disagreed with you would be lol lol lol lol.
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    I'd file a grievance before playing the lawyer card...but that's good for a laugh..lol
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    Yeah but you know what? We shouldn't have to! Keeping a daily log of hours work is one thing. But no one should have to track down their center manager and have them fix your time in the computer so we can get paid correctly whenever we're asked to clock in early. They need to adjust the Timecard Web back to when we could manually change our start times. To the OP, you need to be proactive about it...don't wait until you get your paycheck and it's short.
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  16. Question.
    So since you UPS guys are part of a union does that mean you couldn't go to the DOL(Department of Labor) for reasons such as this?
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    Yes, I believe we could.
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