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I saw that the other day and I could only laugh. You know Al needs to get Tipper as worked up over this as she was on Rock music lyrical content back in the 1980's. I may not have agreed with her purposes but she at least got lots of airtime and a full Senate hearing on the matter.

Go Tipper!



I started this.
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Fear as a Weapon

How the Bush administration got away with its abuses of power

That terrorism is a real and serious threat cannot be denied. But America has never been a nation characterized by fear. Yet, for the last five years, we have had a government that has worked overtime to keep fear levels high because doing so served its interests. More than four years after the 9/11 attacks, the Bush administration continues to keep up the relentless drumbeat of fear. Here is Dick Cheney in early January 2006, proudly defending the administration’s illegal eavesdropping program by invoking the specter of terrorism fears:

As we get farther away from September 11th, some in Washington are yielding to the temptation to downplay the ongoing threat to our country, and to back away from the business at hand.... The enemy that struck on 9/11 is weakened and fractured, yet it is still lethal and trying to hit us again. Either we are serious about fighting this war or we are not. And as long as George W. Bush is President of the United States, we are serious—and we will not let down our guard.​

Cheney never once addresses the fact that the administration had full leeway to eavesdrop on terrorists without breaking the law. He ignores that fact because he is not making a rational argument. He is attempting to play on the fears of Americans to justify their violations of law.


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Ya know, I didn't even bother fact checking the original smear because it seemed like such an obvious hit piece. I mean c'mon, it was cooked up by a guy who has written a book titled Do As I Say (Not As I Do): Profiles in Liberal Hypocrisy. Gee, ya think he's got an axe to grind? :rolleyes:

I guess what disturbs me most is that people are so ready to believe anything they read on the internet (as long as it fits in with their pre-concieved biases) that they will accept that kind of garbage without questioning it.

My general rule of thumb is that anytime something seems like it's tailor made to appeal to me, it probably is.


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The fact is there is hypocrisy on all political sides. The "hit piece" on Gore as you call it is nothing new nor is it a tool of a single political side or agenda as some might alledge. Believe me the other side has it's equal numbers and the real truth is this is really a good thing when you consider the bigger picture. Washington and those who desire to invoke their will in a leadership capacity over us will in fact engage in measures and truth stretching for the sake of winning the prize of "King for a Day!" It's good these snakes in the grass lay in wait and yes most cases their barks and bites are off the mark but on occassion they do hit the target correctly and it's when they do that they do provide a point of needed consideration.

"IF" we had a true open, free and honest media who in fact were the real watchdogs and gatekeepers they should be then these political hack jobs as some would call them would get little traction but the fact is most Americans in some shape or fashion believe there is dirt behind those shiney white teeth of the political world and their is. Our so-called media won't dare point out the truth or the obvious because all of a sudden the cushy job with full access would be cut off. "Go against me and I'll give everything to your competition" and believe me that's a huge threat to throw around in this day and age. It's the alternative media via these "hack jobs" that are generally the ones to pull the first brick from the wall that brings it down so that what lay behind gets the light of day cast on it!

For every fact, tidbit, opinion, theory that you can find and link on the internet you can also find an equally opposite point of view and in many, many cases both arguements are equally compelling. Back in the 1980's I was not a fan of the hair metal glam bands of the day that the Gore's were able to use and parade as threats to the well being of the greater society. I applaud Dee Synder and Frank Zappa for having the courage and respect for the greater issue of freedom to stand up to the Gore's manipulation of gov't authority to attempt to wipe out others artistic expression because it doesn't meet their idea of what music should be. I'll agree that some of it I personally don't like but I use my power of freedom of choice to express my opinion on that. From my point of view and in the case of the Gore's and specifically Al, IMO he was attempting to limit and restrict my freedom of choice and in the process limit freedom of speech on the grounds of "for the good of society." That alone did it for me and from here on I could never trust the man. As for the otherside of the political fence? Oh yeah they were there as well in jackboots ready to do the storm trooper thing and if you look not to hard you can easily find their warts as well.

Al and Tipper's "for the good of society!" Hmmmmm. I'll bet somewhere you might find the same rationale used to justify the Iraq war too. Wait, didn't Al and Bill also say Saddam must go in their day? I wonder if they ever uttered those most immortal words? I wonder what they would have done had 9/11 happened on their watch? One could say we'll never know but American Empire didn't come about with Bush but has been an ongoing project since the mid-1800's. Bush just happen for better or worse to be in a historical position to take the empire out for a good hard ride that we are still on. I'm not convinced at all that same circumstances/different people, the results would not be the same.

Babylon is Babylon, Rome is Rome and Washington is Washington!



Al and Tipper's "for the good of society!" Hmmmmm. I'll bet somewhere you might find the same rationale used to justify the Iraq war too. Wait, didn't Al and Bill also say Saddam must go in their day? I wonder if they ever uttered those most immortal words? I wonder what they would have done had 9/11 happened on their watch?

Al would have seen 9/11 as further support for his environmental agenda.

AL Gore - "clearly saudi Arabia being basically devoid of trees caused those saudi youth to strike out in anger at the United States which is rich in wood resources." As long as there is a disparity in the population of trees so will there be these acts of violence as those poor in lumber strike out at the wealthy lumber countries of the world":laugh: