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    my question to everyone is this. what is it that you want to get out of your job at ups? just money? college tuition maybe? a career? just like the hours? what is it?
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    MONEY, SECURITY, PRESTIGE, and being basically alone all day and only having to put up with people for a few minutes at a time.
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    And did I mention more money?
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    My reason for desiring a job at UPS {I'm still hoping fot the call} is :

    1. Working for a company that promotes from within

    2. Working for a company that will help with college, in order for you to move up the ladder

    3. Working for a company with a great benefit package
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    Good question partimejon,

    What is the answer to your own? I think it has changed for me as the years have gone by. In the beginning is was survival. After ten years it was much more than that. It turned into a way of life. After over 23 years I want more than anything for UPS to do well, because I am UPS.
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    dignity ang respect
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    parttimejon there's the old saying "Be careful what you ask for because you just might get it".I don't know if you have aspirations of becoming fulltimejon at some point but if you do,taking that step can really test the limits of commitment.After 17 years(half of them driving)my wants have drifted away from material things and/or status symbol goals.The only thing I seem interested in anymore after all I've seen since is enhancing the personal relationship with everybody that plays a part in my day and my life.If I had any goal it would be that I could help make the job and the company a better one for whoever replaces me when it's my time to hang up the browns for good.We can never have everything that we want,and there is usually a price for everyhing that we get,so it's a heck of a good question for all to ask themselves what's important.
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    An interesting question. I like dammor's reply too.

    But for me, working at UPS is not about money, survival, or even security. UPS does not give me the recognition I deserve, and no security as I am a minority. There are people here who do practically nothing and make way too much money (overheads!). When I started working here, I thought hard work and results are rewarded but have realized the truth. Anyhow....its just my bad luck I guess. I know most of my fellow UPSers have made a living working here and have made what UPS is today.

    I am just unfortunate. I am still with UPS because I love my work and believe that only a handful of people can do justice to my work. I like the challenges as it keeps new innovative ideas flowing and creates an atmosphere for creative solutions not to mention the flexible hours.
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    "UPS does not give me the recognition I deserve, and no security as I am a minority."
    " Anyhow....its just my bad luck I guess."

    I do not know what has caused you to think as you do but you are wrong. I hope that you will do something to get out of this funk that you are in and start realizing that UPS is a great company and offers unlimited opportunity to those who wish to advance in the company. Do not wait for someone to recognize your abilities and talents. Do something with your abilities and talents, develop a better attitude and people will help you with your goals.

    Do not worry about what others are doing. Worry about what you are doing....for the company....to yourself....and to those around you.

    Read all the posts below and listen to what they say.............
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    I have been working @ UPS for the last 3 years and all I have heard are promises that I will get promoted and be given the recognition. Then comes the same old lame excuse, "we are on a hiring freeze or cutting costs or something". I have helped the company grow by bringing in millions of dollars, maintaining key national accounts and have developed skills which only a handful of UPSers nation wide have - what else can I do? Till a couple of months back, I use to work for 10-12 hours a day but now think, all the hard work is not worth the problem.

    I know, this attitude wouldn't take me far and I don't expect anything anymore - am considering my options! They will lose a good resource, but I guess everyone is replacable.
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    you know guys when i started i think it was just a job. 18 years old, fresh outta high school. now i think i need it to be a living. and a part time check isnt going to do that. so...yeah i guess im gonna go full time pretty soon and then we'll see what happens. but what i've leaned is ... we are a luxury to this company not a nessecity. everyone is replacable all the way up to the CEO.
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    I dont feel UPS gives the recognition it should, but I get it from my daily customers, thats all that counts in the end. Managers and supervisors come and go, but when you have your own route, it is your own little space that you have some control of, and resources galore when needed. And a feeling of doing a job well from the people who really sign your paycheck. I am a minority and once I proved myself as worthy, as every employee has to, to the other workers, I have never noticed any difference in the way I am treated.
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    Dammor posted eloquently on the feelings that many of us have that have been there for quite a while.

    IT is some-what interesting, the thought of what we want out of our job. I knew the first day that I worked at UPS, I wanted this job. And that desire has made me push myself to the edge in bettering myself each day. Yes the money is nice (OK, a real blessing). But as time has gone by, as Dammor stated, I have become UPS for a lot of people.

    Back years ago, during the release of the movie Men in Black, we had a televised parade in our area, followed by an antique car show. Came up with the idea to enter a float in the parade, and while management was very skeptical at first, we pulled it off.

    We got ole # 512 from corp. office and a mini feeder unit. Then got management to let us use a newly painted P1000 with a hitch to pull a trailer. Loaded the ole model T on the trailer and pulled it through the parade, with the mini feeder leading the way. The next morning(a Saturday) we had the model T on display for 5 hours during the balloon race and car show, handing out knick knacks and balloons for the kids. HAd a real blast, and so did the others that helped with the project. It also allowed us to honor one of our drivers that had been delivering down town accident and injury free for 25 years. THat was really cool because he had a real nasty bout with cancer that almost killed him 2 years before that.

    Some drivers in our building to this day dont understand why we did something like that, something that cost us time, money and a tremendous effort, and did it at no charge to the company. But there are some of you that do understand. And that is hard to explain to someone that has not been there a while. Oh and the theme on the vehicle? OF course, it was "Men in Brown"

    As far as recognition from UPS, Ive seen it both ways. Ive seen them get a cake and have a party for someone that has 15 years in. And someone that has been there 30 get nothing but a private handshake and a box containing a plaque.

    But I get my job satisfaction from the customers I serve every day. I do go above what is required by UPS of me to make my daily delivery a positive experience every day for them. For as it has been stated, they are the ones that pay my wages, UPS is just a middle man that takes a cut and takes care of the paperwork.

    And while I would really love to stay at UPS for quite a while longer, the body says no, soon it will be time to go. But even after I am gone, and have turned my browns in, I will still be a UPS man at heart. And each time I see a package car on the road, I will know that I helped build that company to what it is today, and in doing so have made a good living with dignity, and hopfully spread a bit of happiness where ever I have been.


    PS Years ago when we expanded into Germany, I was offered a chance to go and be part of that. I guess the fact that I was born there might have had something to do with that. Point is, I made the decision not to go. If I had gone, its hard to say where on the ladder I would be. Thing is, there are many ways to advance. But none are fast or easy, just like the work here at UPS. They take time, hard work, and a commitment to what you want. If you give up on any of those, you will not succeed. And quit judging your success by the perceved success of others. It will make you very unhappy with your success.

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    I agree more can be done for recognition. One problem we face though is peer pressure. Many of our drivers don't want any type of public recognition because others within the ranks will call them brown noses and badger them. Its a mindset I don't understand.
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    That is so true. Too many employees fall for that "I really care what you think" mentality.

    In all my years I could care less what others have thought. I just do what is expected of me, and, after looking at each issue, what I feel is right. At times it has cost me quite a bit, but over the years standing for what I beleive in has earned me the respect of most all management and hourly. And while my mind can be changed on issues, my basic principles can not.

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    I think the recognition issue is a personal one for many of us. I got a safe driving award today and it was a long time one. I am very proud of it, but would have just been fine to pick it up in the office and head on home. I don't need, or feel comfortable being front and center. I also don't need a gold sticky star on my forehead everyday for doing what I am paid well to do.
    As I said before, I guess it is a personal issue.

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