What do you recommend for a Bluetooth speaker?

Mr Shifter

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Get a headset. It serves as hearing protection and keeps the safety committee goons away because of in cab distraction.


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With doors open and going down a hwy wondered what worked good

Saw this wonder if it would work
JBL Clip 2 | Waterproof Ultra-portable Bluetooth Speaker
I delivered to a guy that had one of those.. I was impressed.
I have a

Bose SoundLink Mini II

and it sounds amazing, but I'm not taking on the PC, no way.

The guy that had the clip 2 said he takes with him when playing disc golf... I liked it, it put out some good sound!!


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I have an altec Lansing one I bought on sale for 20 bucks. Last 6 hours straight but I bring an extra battery charger and it lasts all day


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Marley Mini Chant. Had mine for a year now. Dangles nicely from the cam (with zip ties so it's not a weight on the cord) or fits in the cup holder. I stream from my iPhone all day for 9+ hours and have never had it die on me. Only have to have it at half +1 volume and even that can be too loud. I've dropped it a few times and it's all dinged up but it still work and sounds like a champ.