What do You Want for Christmas?


You want someone named Bruno Joe riding around with you to look at lights?
To each their own, I guess....



nowhere special
I put a bid on an M1 Carbine last night, I was looking at M1 Garands also. My first ever weapon was a carbine that disappeared and I want to replace it.
I like the carbines but was never a big fan of the Garands. I do really like the civilian versions of the M-14


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Ohhhh so you’re the guy that was bidding against me on one lol
I opened an account on gunbroker.com last night and accidently bid on one three times.....it was a civilian version Universal so maybe we are in competition on the same one. My dad bought my first one from Sears for $99 back in the early 70's. I actually carried it to school on the bus as part of a history project in the 7th grade. People used to have common sense back then about guns.