What does local 89 want to pass the central region supplement??

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    Does anyone know what the sticking points are or is Fred Z just trying to position himself for the next international election. He ran with Gegare last time. What does he want in the supplement to pass it. What is he asking for?? Does anyone know? Does he know what he wants??
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    You will get crickets on this one. Fred Suckerman is playing politics on this. He knew what was in the contract prior and didn't question and supported this deal.......Until........outrage from the members. Then he was with you all along. I'd have more respect if he just said, Look I thought it was a good deal but I'm behind your decision guys.
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    Crickets chirping
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    It would seem to me that folks from LOCAL 89 should be the ones starting this topic.

    In my region, the EB has been mostly quiet.
    However, is there a BA meeting with hall coming up?

    They may be waiting this out some before they provide anything real to read.
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    that's why this is a discussion forum. You don't have to be from local 89 to start a thread asking what they want.
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    Let 89 decide their own fate.

    If you want to talk about people from the next IBT election, look at Sean O'Brien in Boston.

    You got what You want, are you jealous that 89 may end up with more than what you got?
    What about Tim Sylvestor in 804.
    And they want more.

    You settled.
    Rather than fight.
    You settled for less.
    You accepted this offer.

    Why are you picking on Zuckerman.
    17 or more supplements didnt pass.

    Inform yourself.
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    I am with local 89 and I have16 years part-time. From my understanding, local 89 asked for the creation of 250 combo jobs over the life of the contract. UPS offered 50 jobs over five years. You got to keep in mind that Worldport has expanded its workforce to nearly 8000 part-timers. As of now, there are only 700+ full-timers. If you ask if 250 jobs could be created, the answer is yes. There are many 6 hour jobs that get over-time on a regular basis. For those that are not going to have any opportunity for a full-time job in the next 10 years, they ask to keep healthcare the same and to fix the tram situation. UPS forces worldport workers to stay on a tram for 20 mins each way. Many of these trams are broke down, cold, wet, and they smell. Some of them have duck tape holding windows up. Since UPS is not paying for the ride to our work areas, they don't no need to fix the trams. Is this a big deal to vote no on a contract. Well, if you make $8.50 an hour for 3 hours and be forced to ride a broke down tram for 40 mins unpaid, you have an issue. Keep in mind that many part-timers are older people. Local 89 workers do not want our older people riding wet and cold trams to receive their health care and wages. Many of you that have good paying jobs might never see the problems at Worldport. No one that I know or have spoken to are not suggesting unreasonable request that could cripple the company. Most of the requests are those that give workers a dignified work place and rewards those workers with enough to take care of their families. I wish more of the country's drivers could experience a few years at worldport. They world have a different perspective of the part-timer package handlers. There are a few other issues also.
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    ...also local 89 has requested for the transfer process to be easier to use. This would allow for workers to transfer into better jobs. As for me, I want to see more people get a full-time job, keep healthcare the same for part-timers, and fix the tram by speeding up the process and compensating us for the ride. By the way, if you walk as fast as you can, it would take you 30 mins to walk out. As you can see, you are put into a position of riding a tram unpaid for 20 mins or walking for 30 mins to get to the guard shack to wait in a 5 min line to get out to the parking lot.
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    Hey Einstein I'm in one of the region that the supplement failed. It the same region as local 89. ************************ I'm asking if anyone know what he is asking for.
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    Thank you
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    I know another big thing that was discussed in our meeting was jobs being sub-contracted out to other people. UPS pays people to come into Worldport to do various other jobs, when those jobs could and should be done in house by our own workers. Many people are very upset about that, especially in light of the fact that the quota of full time jobs to be created was not met.

    As been mentioned, transfers are also a HUGE complaint down here. You have to sign up onto a computer for certain job openings if you want to transfer, and there have been many cases where people sign up only to find out that apparently they were "never" signed up to begin with. This is very frustrating because then you have another year to wait and then come to find out AGAIN that you weren't on the list or some other BS. Basically, they make it unnecessarily hard for you to move up, which is a big problem if you're only getting about 3 hrs a week, and now they want to make Healthcare worse? That was the straw that broke the camels back.

    Also, as has been mentioned, the shuttle has been a sticking point for years. The union has tried to get us compensated for that for years, but it always fails, so honestly while I think the shuttle has and always will be a concern, most are resigned to the fact that it is what it is so people have been numb to it for awhile despite its various problems. It wasn't until the Union advised a no vote that UPS even took shuttle compensation seriously and offered that bogus $1000. I think that took everyone, even the Union by surprise. So now I think that is an issue some are interested in now cause we've finally seen some movement on it. But other issues are more pressing
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    Unfortunately, L89 rider isn't published anywhere I can find so I haven't read the offer but...subcontracting language exists in the National and Central Supplement. If subcontracting of inside work is a problem, L89 should be grieving the issue.
    Has L89 demanded a copy of transfer requests? This is common practice in Locals in the CRT which means UPS already gives copies of transfer requests to locals now. This is not a real issue. If L89 asked for that it would be happening.
    H&W is in the National. That passed. You'll soon learn the CS C-6 plan is better than you think. Many Teamsters nationwide are under excellent Teamster plans with lower benefit levels than the new C-6.
    The shuttle deal is a problem. There should be an allowance of some type, maybe monthly/yearly based on punches.
    There, it's done. Get the politics out of the way and settle.