What does UPS do for drivers that die on the job?


“They” are coming for us.
Taking an Amazon package up to a suburban front door is the most dangerous job in America? LOL. Snowflake.
This mans coworker was just murdered. No need to call him a snowflake. I’m pretty sure if you had to cover that job next after someone was murdered you’d be a whiny bitch like usual.


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Some of y’all in this thread should really be ashamed of yourselves . A fellow teamster was just brutally murdered on the job leaving his wife and young children to fend for themselves and the best you can offer is ‘life is hard’ and calling people snowflakes? Learn some empathy.
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Saying ‘Oh well, life is hard and you have to look after yourself and pull yourself by your boot straps’ is such a stupid cliche that can be used to dismiss any sort of calls for improvement. I’m sure people were saying that when UPS’s labor force first became organized.

The fact of the matter is that this man died while on the clock working for the company and without adequate means to defend himself. In my opinion, UPS has a moral obligation to adequately compensate his family.
$200,000? - $500,000?- a million?--- what is the magic number?

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Is he??????

BTW, his co worker was just murdered. Lighten the * up.

Yes, the driving industry as a whole is relatively dangerous, delivering packages for UPS is not.

I, too, had a coworker killed at work a little over a year ago. Sucks.

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$200,000? - $500,000?- a million?--- what is the magic number?
He was 23.

He WOULD HAVE made $2.5 -$3 million in his career(assuming he made it all the way without getting murdered).

Given that......what say YOU? Serious question.

Say Rod, you helped(we helped) UPS make billions.......I think that makes us pretty important.

This tragedy shows(I think) how we put it on the line everyday.

The Texas pileup illustrates this very, very well.......imagine you in your pkg car on that freeway minding your own business.....

See the Fed Ex ground feeder in there? Could have easily been UPS.

I drive 12 hours a day. I see completely destroyed semis on my run every night. Some look like airplane crashes.....just little pieces.

Some completely unrecognizable as trucks.

Magic? I think life is pretty magic. How about a provider for a family?
Dylan's funeral is tomorrow.

And there's a GoFundMe for donations to help his wife and child out

The GoFundMe is legitimate, it was started by another driver in our center.


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Why do I picture a bunch of wives putting out contracts on their husbands "specially if they have no or little life insurance" just because UPS will pay them 3 million dollars that @quad decade guy wants them to pay for a death on the job. smh


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For a feeder driver, we have our newest tractor, freshly washed and waxed lead the funeral procession with a flower wreath on the grill. I know it’s not much, but I think it’s a nice gesture. Call me sentimental but I think it’s beautiful.

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When my mother passed I didn't get anything from the company,not even condolences when i went back to work.When i called to tell them my mother had passed the supe that answered the phone said' oh,ok I'll let the center manager know",CLICK . My Local on the other hand sent flowers to the funeral home,my BA came to the funeral home and the day of the funeral several officers from my local came to the church and gave me a Bible.
Feel fortunate.
When my Mom died, all I got was "see you after your funeral leave"
Company and union did nothing......
" Be sure to bring the obituary so you get paid for funeral leave"
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personally I don’t want my funeral turned into a UPS advertisement. I don’t expect anything from UPS I can’t file on them for not doing. I can understand people who do like that stuff, we spend a lot of time at work and it’s not a bad thing to take pride in getting it done.

There are a lot of young family men in our center, it would be tragic to see one murdered on the job knowing a little girl and young wife just lost a father. Seeing that blow dealt to a young family would be pretty horrific. Apparently the kid’s father is a UPSers to, seeing someone lose a son who had such a promising life and see your grand daughter being raised without him. It’s a hell of a blow, that will eat at that man’s heart for the rest of his life.