What ever happened to "Mr Peak"

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by OLDMAN3, Oct 31, 2014.

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    He hangin out with Pee Wee Herman?
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    A snip from last year's article, bragging about UPS's careful peak planning...
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    I heard he went back to planet Remulak:

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    Mr. Fail
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    No amount of planning can be successful when your biggest shipper decides to drop a wrench in it by taking orders that have no chance in hell of making it out for delivery. Throw in some bad weather and you've got yourself quite a disaster.

    With that said.......what would a guy like that even "plan" anyway? I mean outside of his normal, every day non-peak planning duties? I can tell you what......cuts cuts cuts.
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    Despite the BS that guy spouted to the press (or to stockholders) everyone at UPS that worked in the real world saw the disaster coming. So understaffed all it took was anything extra to make everything crash.
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    We are always understaffed at peak but we've always made it work. Amazon was what caused the crash. Maybe this time we'll be ready if they do it again. I keep hearing that many areas have hired more drivers (which is what would have helped last year) but in mine all thats been done is adding new parking lots and converting TCDs (who were already going to be driving anyway) to full-time. And a few additional temporary building expansions. If Amazon decides to process late orders again we will still be screwed. Maybe the USPS Sunday service will soften the blow but one would think UPSers would rather have that work going through us.
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    Mr peak sounds like a porn name

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    Widow's peak.
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    He works for Amazon now.