What exactly is Intergrad?

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    Been a lurker for a few years. I always come here on my lunch break or when I'm at home...on the can. When I became a driver about 6 years ago we took a 3 and a half day class at another hub about 20 mins from mine. Then my first day actually driving, the sup drove. The second, I drove. The third, my sup got a ride back at noon from another driver and told my I'm doing great. I finished the 3rd day by myself. I never saw a 30 day packet, a sup never rode with me again, nothing. What's this intergrad crap, some kind of driving university? LOL These rookies I see now are on the SAME route everyday with 80-100 stops with empty trucks. I went out blind almost everyday on full routes. Is it just me or do they baby these new drivers???
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    Dang, you were to quick for me. LOL
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    You are obviously the bestest Driver Service Provider evah!
  4. Maple Grove MN Driver

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    Change your name you are in violation of TOS.
  5. You sound like my wife.
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    They’ve actually gotta have greater area knowledge to qualify under ORION than I had to when I qualified. Gotta know WTF the system wants you to do when it draws its zigzags between stops. So maybe they’ve decreased stops in an effort to have new drivers maintain ORION compliance/expected trace %. Because somebody has to qualify.
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    Done, thanks!
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    It’s for the snowflakes that need their hand held every step of the way.Because they have zero common sense
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    On the can you say?
  10. Indecisi0n

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    UPS has created this environment. When I started it was , here are the keys and he would hand me a map with a circled area and say don't hit anything. Now if we have a rain storm they ask all the new guys to go home because of fear of an accident.
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    Just sucks after you paid your dues, that the new guys don’t have to.
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    I miss the good old days, keys and high step no power steering trucks. No maps to print off of computers and getting your nuts chewed off for making one little mistake. Back when we had driver’s school 5 days and one week with supervisor. The only difference is now you have Orion and better set up with trucks with fobs and low steps. They baby new drivers so they won’t quit or get into a accident.
  13. Indecisi0n

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    Meh, made me a better driver. I am fine with it.
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    BSWALKS Sabbra Cadabra

    Bitching after being a peak driver for a year or two, and still working working inside. Buncha pusillanimous.

    Totally agree
  15. I like how them give them all of the new trucks, they don't trust them to drive those old death traps.

    BSWALKS Sabbra Cadabra

    And here, the last 3 hired only know 1 route...after nearly a year.
  17. They burn it up and they don't want to move them. Then they don't want to give you a day off because they cry that they don't have any coverage.
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    You can hear her in your sleep?
  19. Nope. She could stab me to death