What happened to this company?

Discussion in 'UPS Freight' started by UPGF Lackey, Dec 4, 2011.

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    First let me say I worked for Overnite for decades. Am now part of the UPS family, and have been since the buy out. I work out of a large terminal in Ohio. Up untill the middle of 2010 things seemed to run as normal,hours ok ,freight taken care of etc. All of a sudden, BOOM, upheavel. New term. manager, new dispatchers, new sups. This year started and more new dispatchers and sups. Old Overnite mgt,GONE. The term manager does not talk to the drivers at all. He probebly does not know anyone's name unless he is involved in discipline. Their new systems they implimented seem to not work very well, at least in this terminal. They might work well in a small term., but not here. Picks ups missed, routes not ready at starting times, wrong information constantly on diad's and general lack of concern for customers. What I would like to hear from everyone is ,is this how it is all over the country. Let's here from large and small terminals. If not for the pay why would you want to put up with all the micromangement. Everthing they seem to focus on, seems to make our job harder, and we do more irrelevant details than what the job requires. This trying to make freight movement hi-tech is a joke. Tech has its place but we it seems like I do things 2-3 times now than before. Paperwork is doing things twice and then no one seems to know anything about it. Enough of this rambling. let;s here from the rank and file.
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    Don't mean to sound negative here but it will. Sorry, Lackey, but this is the new UPS. I was in parcel side for 32 yrs and for most of those years, it was that way. Overnite is integrating more parcel managers and supes in their operation so it will reflect parcel's management style, which, sadly, in most parts of the country have deteriorated to the point where they are shooting their feet.

    It ain't gonna get better, you just have to learn to adjust, which means, "Work as directed" and that means EXACTLY as directed. Do not do anything illegal, against DOT regs, or take unauthorized shortcuts. Work EXACTLY as directed.

    I know many UPSF guys here and they echo your same sentiments. They thot they had it bad with the old Overnite but are quickly finding out that was a cakewalk.

    Carry on. and good luck.
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    That's the new ups it's all about there logistics.
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    same stuff going on in the los angeles basin . raceanoncr has the best advise nothing illegal, immoral, or unsafe . let the dispatchers make all the calls . dont try to save the day i seen it all too many times . it just leads to an avenue that the sups and dispatchers can take to use you as an escape goat and blame you and issue discipline . WAD work as directed .nothing more nothing less .
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    This company is broken. Operations is in shambles and performing worse than when rebranding took place in June of 2006. The official on time delivery is 96%. So we admit to 4% service failure but there is a catch or catches. That number does not include all freight picked up after 5:00, appointments, residential, freight not on 4x4 skids, head loads, volume shipments and other various exceptions made on a per mini-hub/hub basis. Ay of those shipments made late are not included in the on time figure. At the same time rural delivery areas have been expanded and are not included in that number. If we really tracked all shipments the on time delivery percentage would be much lower and it would not shock me to know it was in the 80's. Pickups are missed every day at every service center and reported as customer requests for next day pickup instead of missed pickups. None of this is a shock to management in Richmond or Atlanta. It is the fraud of UPS. To admit there is a problem means fixing the problem. To fix it means we need more man power and that is not going to happen. The goal is here to cut cost at the expense of customers. This has become status quo. Honor and integrity is only a lip service ideal at UPS. It is more important to charge for fees we never actually performed the service on rather than do what we promise. We are Saia Motor Freight with uglier equipment and better pay.

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    It's the same here in arkansas!! loads not ready in time,bring backs and missed pickups are taken out of diads (daily)by managers and supervisers to cover up service failurs.
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    I'm History!!!

    To much uncertainty with UPGF!!
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    Re: I'm History!!!

    Couldn't have put it any better Spunkymonkey. Sounds like it is the same thing system wide. I will have to get out before the next contract. Telmatics now give them another thing besides Freight to concentrate on.
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    It is also like that in Waco TX. Miss pickups are pulled from the diaz. Routes are not ready on time and customers are dropping our services to our competition.
    Sales reps have their hands tied with no lead way to negotiate against the competition.
    We have drivers on lay off. Makes one wonder... what the hell are we trying to accomplish here. I would like to believe customer satisfaction. With out customers we will not exist.

    We sale service not just a name.
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    It just seems to me.... we have more frieght than others (although in my lane from NJ to Harrisburg, I do see plenty of Conways;ABF's;and lately more and more FEDeX's in my mirrors, of course a lot of it is incognito (contractors)! We get paid more than other companies....but were not happy! They waste valuable time and money installing new parts and electronic tracking devices on tractors that have rust breaching through vital parts of the frames, then 2weeks later they ADA the units (WTF)! I get the logistics, but they have equipment that will barely make there (there's at least 1-2 wreckers a week at my terminal)(WTF)
    Then they change the rules every other week!
    I'm trying not be negitive but...one tv adervertisment comes to my mind alot that I compare Ups to.... and I think with me it has to do alot with the ugly equipement and confusion with relations (customers and employees alike), the commercial is where the big bug driving 1975 Monty Carlo knocks on the persons door and asks.... did you order a pizza, and the person looks at the bug dazed and confused, at that moment the Ortho guy shows up and you see the big bug speed off the chevy!

    They are big brown... I just hope we don't become a big brown stain, to whom it may concern its been 6 going 7 yrs enough is enough!
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    I work at a small terminal in central Tx and we are in the same situation. Our T.M. is managing 2 terminals. Our disp sup walked out and quit. We are FORCED to lie on our diaz about miss pickups. It is freaking unbelievable! We see our T.M. once every 2 weeks. Poor guy looks like he is fixing to have a nervous breakdown. When he does show up, he is raising hell and writing up drivers for stupid stuff.
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    I can't believe what I'm reading. I work in the package division and this chaos does not happen. Anyone fudging numbers on delivery or pick ups are fired. They just fired all the sups in a center for hiding stuff like this.
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    DIAZ? Escape goat?
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    UPS needs to look real close at the midwest, our missed p/u's and bringbacks are at least 10 percent and never show up on the next days previous days production reports (missed p/u's 0, bb's 0) yeah right!
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    I can tell you as a customer and a worker (not UPS) that in Brooklyn, New York, the service has severely degraded in the past 4 months. I personally have 4 packages improperly routed in in the past 4 months. This never happened before, so I assume, they have forced retirements and brought in newer inexperienced managers who do not know their ass from their elbow.
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    I'm not sure you understand that you are on the wrong part of the website. As you can see at the top this is the UPS Freight part of the forum, we all work for UPS but we handle pallet sized freight 90 percent of the time and very rarely handle packages. The only time I handle any order smaller than 50lbs is when it is poison or dangerous when wet hazardous materials.
  17. Dracula

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    From the Feeder Package side of brown: Welcome to UPS. Just when it gets ridiculous, it gets stupider. Don't bother trying to fight it. Just sit back, laugh and make money off their incompetence. I've done it for 30 years now.
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    I'm not sure freight wasbought with the mindset to prevail. There is no way UPS got to the size they are and what they accomplished by being stupid. Anyone ever think we were bought to help corner the market and maybe for a nice tax right off? After all 5 billion a quarter needs to spent somewhere! I am always told freight is making money. Then I think to myself (just think what they could be making) its almost mind boggling. And, when you look at our contract, we are on the outside looking in and it is not going to get better. Every friday when I pick up my check, I drop it on the ground and if it doesn't fly back up and hit me in nose I smile and figure I will back in monday.
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    This hiding missed pickups and bring backs is something we've been doing for awhile how about changing closing times that happens every day. Running roads around scale houses. All are things we would be wrote up for they will all pay the ups price for there sins just a matter of time !!!
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    You must be in the central reg.