What Happens if You’ve Had An Injury At Work?

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  1. If have been injured in the workplace, or while travelling to and from work, then there are some immediate steps you should take:

    1) Report the incident to your employer and ensure the matter is entered in the Accident Book
    2) If the matter is a motor vehicle accident, file a police report – also see Car Injury Compensation Claims
    3) Seek medical assistance in relation to the injuries sustained
    4) Keep a diary of events and treatment and all receipt and medical documents available
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    No offense but I'm pretty sure everyone here knows what to do in the event of a workplace injury.
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    At FedEx, #1 on the list should be the following:

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    You have 2 choices when you're hurt at work.

    1. Report it as an workers comp claim. You will be at the mercy of FedEx's doctors. You'll go back to work when THEY say you're ready to return to work. All your medical bills will be paid.
    2. Report it as a disability claim. You see your own doctor and together decide when you can go back to work. You will be responsible for your own medical bills according to whatever insurance level you have.

    In both cases, AETNA will pay you a percentage of your pay for as long as you are out minus the 1st 5 days. I THINK disability pays slightly more, but I can't remember.

    I've done both for basically the same thing. Both ways worked out to be about the same....for me. Each situation is different and you need to choose which way would be best for you for that particular injury.
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    Yes it's very important that you have adaquate medical training before going to work for FedEx so you can make a proper diagnosis.
    The problem with workers comp claims in my state is they are processed by lawyers retained by the company. They will have doctors working for them but ultimately its the lawyers that determine if you are fit to go back to work and just how much care you need. I have a friend who was almost permanantly crippled by these bottom feeders. Getting his own lawyer saved his leg.
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    And good luck with workman's comp. The companies that handle the claims will try to starve you, rarely answer their phones and the information on how to go about getting your money is sketchy at best. Management won't lift and finger to help you either (unless it's the middle one.)
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    This is why I advocate consulting with your own attorney. God knows, FedEx is going to unleash the Hounds of Hell on you if you get injured, so you need to take the initiative and protect yourself as well as possible. After seeing dozens of people I know be put through the wringer, terminated, and/or totally messed-with, I say lawyer-up, and do it right away, because they will get rid of you if they can.
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    Workmans comp paid me our state minimum of $30/week for the first five weeks after my broken leg injury until all the paperwork finally got sent to all six of my rotating caseworkers at Protective. Made Christmas interesting, and there was no reason why I needed to dip into my savings when they should have just paid me from the start.

    I started physical therapy today and their initial opinion is I "might" be able to return to duty in 12-16 weeks as I have pretty much zero ability to do anything with my right foot right now. Not sure if it's just atrophy from being in a cast or the screws holding it all together or the proximity of my tibia fracture being near the ankle. All I know is the damn thing doesn't bend or flex.

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    As many have stated the best thing you can do for yourself is get a good workers comp attorney. I have seen quite a few coworkers over the years get injured and the ones with serious long term injuries were able to see their own doctors and some eventually got settlements through a good attorney.
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    Jesus Christ, what kind of workers comp system do you guys have down there?!?! Here, if you get hurt you fill out an accident report and the province takes care of the rest. You go to your doctor and the rehab clinic of your choice.
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    Were you actually directing that question to Jesus Christ? :eek:
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    Our lord and saviour knows all the answers, no?
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    Just another reason we should have a national healthcare system like Canada.
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    Our health care system is in serious trouble though. Many hospitals are over capacity yet funding keeps getting cut. I do believe we are going to see semi privatization of our health care here within my life time. It's just an unsustainable system.