what happens in Italy?

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  1. menefrego

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    In many areas of Italy deliveries are not made directly by UPS but made by a company called SDA a controlled of Poste Italiane.
    Everyone here knows that this courier is unreliable but now nearly 50% of UPS deliveries in Italy is made by them.
    So many customers are abandoning UPS and its high rates to go with SDA...why pay more for to have a poor service with SDA ? If UPS delivery with SDA is better for a customer to go directly with SDA and to pay less...
    Ooops...i forgot...SDA delivery for Fedex...so in same areas UPS packages are delivered by white vans with red and blu decals...
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    Mama Mia!:happy2:
  3. CBUK

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    One of my customers told me they dont ship Italian freight with UPS because historically Italians dont like the colour brown.

    I don't know what truth there is in this.
  4. menefrego

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    Yes this is true...brown colour is not appreciated in Italy...the largest courier in Italy is Bartolini www.bartolini.it and its colour is red but I have never heard that a person has not send a pkg because of colour...the problems are others...
  5. Channahon

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    UPS is in a cost cutting mode due to the economy, so any way they can reduce their cost to serve and stay within the guidelines of union contracts, they will make the changes.

    Now I must compliment your homeland for that fine product known as Bertolli. What a great product line and the quality is second to none.
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    And my kids thank your motherland for Spaghetti. And yes, UPS is in cost cutting mode. Three terminations in two weeks in or building (drivers)
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    Yes But Bertolli is an italian olive oil made with tunisian greek and spanish olives ...:surprise:
  8. menefrego

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    No Channahon is not a cutting cost problem...
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    Hello, just a positive word about UPS(Italy).
    Starting this year we lost one of our major accounts in my building to the competition (not TNT, DHL, FEDEX). After three months they came to UPS on their knees to ask for a price on their Italianvolume. Their new transportcompany screwed up overthere.....
    We now pick up their Italy-volume again!!!

    But also before this year they often shipped multicollies (normally pallet-shipments) with UPS because we were (although more expensive) faster and more reliable on Italy then their freight-transporter....

    I don`t know which part of their volume goes to UPS or SDA....
    But this costumer puts their trust on UPS -Italy!!!
  10. menefrego

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    Netherland...what a beautiful country...I don't think UPS in Italy is a discount courier...I think UPS is the best in Italy but there are too many things that should be put in place...for example last week in my center only 2 drivers was brown...the visual impression that we give to customers is very low
  11. drewed

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    only 2 were in browns?
  12. menefrego

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    yes 2 of 27...we have others 6 brown vans but with drivers without uniform
  13. menefrego

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    are the couriers in Bolzano...but you can put a cross on UPS...the center is closed since August 1...
    Couriers in Bolzano:
    TNT 1 center + 1 TNT Point
    DHL 1 center + 5 Service Point
    Bartolini 3 centers
    GLS 2 centers
    UPS 1 MBE
  14. david cassin

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    i thought ups had a big deal with the italian post ,they act like a mailboxes etc drop off point and ups deliver italian larger postal items.
    i see sifti berti still delivering,they were walsh western (ups old agent in ireland) agent in italy back in 1980s-1990s
    someone get on about the uniforms,,,our drivers are our frontline and are always admired for their nice attire..:happy2:
  15. menefrego

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    UPS delivery in Europe international pkgs picked-up by Poste Italiane (before Fedex delivered for Poste Italiane in Europe ) but in return should give to P.I. some domestic traffic...