What happens to the seasonals Dec 24th?

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    Was just curious as to whose jurisdiction it is to decide whether or not to keep certain seasonal employees after peak. Is it soley up to the main belt supervisor whether to keep someone or not, or is it higher management who ultimately has final say as to who can be kept on? One seasonal employee I worked with Fri was a very hard worker & seemingly a very quick learner, so I hope he stays on after peak because he'd be a great asset to the PD I work on. Does management tell them that last day before Christmas that they've been layed off, or does it happen more discreetly via phone/email during Christmas? Reason I'm curious is because almost all the seasonals I've spoken too want to stay on after peak. Only one seasonal employee I know of is taking an indifferent approach.
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    It is solely management's decision who stays and who goes. I doubt there will be any rhyme or reason to whom they chose. It is, usually, who kissed there behind the most. They tend to say 'we will call you, if we need you.'
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    The number of seasonals retained after Peak will depend solely on operational needs. You can certainly help by letting your immediate supervisor know how hard that seasonal is working.
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    Not only do the "seasonals" disappear but about half the full time are laid off also.
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    We go to FedEx.
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    Really? How can UPS just lay off union employees without just cause? Unless u mean supes
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    Volume drops off and that is just cause. Union employees are laid-off from bottom up. Happens every year.

    Mgt are not laid off during short-term drops in volume.

    As I remember, you are a loader in a hub that started just after Labor day. There is high turnover in hubs and so you should be ok.
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    Alright Hoax
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    Yep, and exactly why I'm a little worried. We heard a rumor that they are cutting us back to 9 rtes from 14. Of course we heard this same rumor last year and it didn't happen. Last year I had 6-7 weeks of lay-off intermittently between Jan and Apr. I hope the economy is coming back enough to keep me from being layed off but only time will tell. There are 4 (i think) drivers under me that have been layed off for many many months. One or two of them for more than a year.