What happens when air is late in your building? Punch out and then back in?

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  1. When management knows air will be late they come around and ask if anyone on the preload is willing to stay buts we have to punch out and wait until the air arrives and then punch back in. Then when all the preloaders refuse they claim it is an "emergency" situation and management sorts and shuttles air out.
    I was off my 2nd job today so I decided to stay. I told the center manager that when I worked in Ohio before my transfer we never were made to punch out. I asked him if I punched back in then I should be guaranteed another 3.5 hours and he just laughed....called it "supplemental" work!
    So I at least witnessed 3 of the managers working to catch everything off the belt since this time since we still did not have enough people.
    How does this work in your buildings?
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    You are not guaranteed a 2nd 3.5. If the wait time is 15 minutes or less you should not have to punch out. If it is more and there is no other work for you to do you would punch out and then punch back in.
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    We are never made to ouch out. Your doing them a favor by staying. I can't believe they make you punch out. I would be furious.
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    How long do you stand around on the clock?
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    Yea, you never punch out here either. That is insane.
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    I would get those guys paid so fast their head would spin. They can eat the preloaders waiting on the clock until the air shows up or pay each of the aggrieved double time for the hours they worked & should have been waiting. Apparently Dave has never been to an Airport were our ramp workers wait up to 2 hours for a plane to come in. When there is a late plane they wait for that too, all on the clock. Article 3 Sec 7 go get 'em.
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    They've always made us punch out. They they get upset if we stick around / punch back it -- they'd rather do it themselves & keep the hours off the books.
  8. At my place they usually only ask one spa person and the person working D-Cap to stay.

    For example. Say the drivers start at 9:20am and the air will be there at roughly 9:30-9:40. They 2 pre-loaders will stay and help others load out package cars, Once that is done....the 2 that are staying will stay on the clock and check for mis-loads until the air shows up. Drivers will stay, wait, watch and pull their Air coming down the belt.

    So, you stay on the clock and check for mis-loads. As far as Air getting there a half hour - 45mins later once Drivers are on the clock,....I'm not sure how it works. I do know that I have never been asked to clock out and back in.
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    Is there any language on this issue. In my local if six day work comes up for package drivers. The language states that the company only has to pay time and a half, but no one does it for that. So the company offers double time. If no will work it, the company has to make it worth while. Unless the sups are doing the work. Then you are going to have to use the magic pen. It works every time.
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    If I where you and they asked me to stay but told me I needed to punch out I'd tell them I'd see them tomorrow.

    If you agree to punch out and than hang around till they need you that's your fault.

    IF you want to make a little extra money file a grievance every time you see a SUP doing hourly work.
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    We employ a skeleton crew to wait and never punch out. You can always check for misloads.
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    Grieve it
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    That's a grievance where I'm at but I think you know this.
  14. Then when everyone leaves they claim it an "emergency" and the sups do all the work!! And how do you know how long they have worked when filing?
  15. Good idea but air was so late the drivers were told to leave and it was shuttled out to them.
  16. Sure do know it. When I was in 407 it happened, I filed, and was paid off!! Up here in the little building with far less superior union pull it may be a different story!! Good thing was that I found it was worded in our New England Supplement that "the hours of labor each day shall be worked in uninterrupted succession" Does it get any clearer than that?
  17. And yes that grievance and the sups working were filed today!
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    Sounds like it was, and will always be, 4 hours at double time. Let the Business Agent negotiate the final amount.
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    I had a supervisor ODS me to set up a meet point so he could bring me out a left in building once. He was a tad bent when I told him I'd be filing for a hour prior to his first text because I figured that was about the amount of time it took him to find the package, walk it down to the center, figure out who it belonged to, then walk it to his car that he drove it in. Ended up getting paid for 2 hours on that one. Keep bringing me those shags Boss! He never did that again.