What have you heard about the future of Surepost?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by PACNW, Jul 16, 2011.

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    Just curious about what people have heard? I heard from a Post Office employee that the PO as a whole is not happy with it and she heard they would likely opt out of the partnership as soon as they can. I also heard from a friend in IE that UPS is planning on expanding it as much as possible in hopes of eliminating as many low revenue, rural, residential routes as possible. I also hear that customers hate it, as many times they think UPS is going to deliver the package and end up waiting an extra day or two to get it throught the PO.
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    The post office employees hate it. The boxes are getting bigger and bigger. My urban postoffice get 75-100 per day non peak.
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    Surepost isn't going anywhere. The Post Office needs the revenue and, yes, we are trying to lose the chasers. Customers don't like it as they don't fully understand the discounted service offering and returns can be confusing. We don't like it as it should be Teamsters delivering these packages.

    The financial reality is that the service is beneficial to both companies and offers online shoppers a low cost shipping option.
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    I don't think its going anywhere, but I kind of wish it would. lol

    One of the routes I run has a stupid post office. In addition to it taking about 45 minutes to deliver all the "junk mail", which as you guys have said the packages continue to get bigger and bigger, the loader insists on just throwing all the stuff in a huge pile and when stuff falls off of higher shelves it results in a dig to find the USPS pkgs
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    I heard ups is trying to break the post offices back. Ups wants to flood them with volume so that they will tell us and Fedex to pound salt. This would be a logistical nightmare for Fedex. There already suspect service would get worse and they wouldn't be able to handle the volume. We on the other hand could handle the volume and theirs plus whatever else.
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    I have 7 P.O.'s on my extended route. We always have to wait on the Surepost sort because they usually Spa most of the smalls at the end. Those damn bags stack so nicely and stay put equally as nicely.

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    I have noticed that most of the Post Masters treat us with little or no restect. Also I get disgusted when i see a QVC Surepost package sitting on top of a mailbox on a extended route. I know this makes UPS and the driver look lazy.
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    I don't get the "chaser" part... the PO stuff I see are not chasers, they're resi for sure but well within the drivers routes. This IS about saving money and eliminating routes but it is NOT about eliminating stops that are "out of the way", at least entirely...surely there are chasers within the piles and bags, cannot deny that. I don't know too much about it though so just an opinion.
  9. UnsurePost

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    strongly agree
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    I'm still trying to figure out how this whole thing isn't subcontracting.
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    It really bugs me that I am dropping 30 to 60 packages a day to a post office, and I cant firgure out how helping the post office make money is a good idea for either fedex or UPS. The USPS is losing like 8 billion per year why would we want to help them out, let them go out of biz, they are the compation.
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    I think that a lot of the attitude you refer to results from years of competition, compounded with their own uncertainty due to what appears to be them coming up short in the contest. I personally liked the folks at my former p.o. which was unfortunately consolidated due to low volume. I treated them great and they reciprocated most of the time .
  13. MC4YOU2

    MC4YOU2 Wherever I see Trump, it smells like he's Putin.

    Well, what's it been now, 5 years since I saw a letter to the membership from hall stating the Teamsters were not going to stand by while this (parcel lite) went on, but it sure seems to be exactly what happened. I know, supposedly all the packages are ' new volume', but we all know that just ain't so.
  14. Bubblehead

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    New volume???
    BTW, I know you where being facicist.
    The majority of the packages that I deliver to the Post Office are Lands End, JCP, GNC, QVC, HSN, to name a few.
    All companies that shipped through UPS dock to door.

    This is nothing more than an attempt to cut routes.
  15. barnyard

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    Not an attempt, a complete success.

    In my center, we are running 2 fewer routes per day than we did last year, which was a down year. I delivered to a PO whose zip code covers 2 urban routes and parts of 2 rural routes. It used to be 3.5-4 routes would be covered in that zip code, now it is 3. My old route used to be all urban, now includes rural routes sometimes covering 3 zip codes. Neighborhoods that had 10-15 stops per day, now have 2-5 per day.

    The PO in that town went from 10-25 pieces per day to 100-125 per day. In my center, we have several rural routes that go out with less than 100 stops per day, mostly resi. Does not take a genius to figure out what is going to happen to those routes.

    Rural carriers hate it because they cannot get all the stuff into their cars.
  16. MC4YOU2

    MC4YOU2 Wherever I see Trump, it smells like he's Putin.

    One factor that may play a part in whether or not this stays the same is the ability of the p.o to maintain price dominance over us and fedex by using letter revenue to offset the loss on their parcel pricing. They have a pension crisis, plummeting letter volume, and are bleeding from both ears. Just because it is a much loved program by ups mgmt, does not mean the p.o. can sustain it with all its losses. If for any reason they have to increase the retail price to keep it afloat I could see it losing popularity with both p.o. and shippers.
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    I hate that it take the post office workers to answer the back door. Hurry up
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    you are right.5 years is pathetic.what happened?we are delivering over 70 packages and on some routes this has become the biggest volume stops.our center is only a 10 -11 car center and we have lost nearly 2 routes due to this{very rural center}..im sure scott davis loves it but i know two drivers with families that are looking for help from hoffa/hall.
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    Which goes back to Fedex should hammer UPS's Ground Delivery Appt so it messes up their normal routes. LOL

    Who knows what will happen. I do find it interesting on one end you are trying to reduce costs using the Post Office, on the other end you have delivery appt ground. Sort of contradicting.

    Overall I think it's much harder for shipper/recipient to be satisfied when something goes wrong. With both major carriers you have a singular point to call to get package information. Does anyone have the numbers to all USPS locations across the country handy?
  20. upssalesguy

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    Sure post is sold as a no frills service. It is a competitive response to fedex smartpost and based on the demand from consumers for cheap or free shipping. I have one shipper that uses it and he says customers get what they pay for when there is an issue. He offers ground side by side on his website and people choose the cheap option 90% of the time even when he pushes guaranteed delivery for ground residential. Bottom line is we will lose our brown shorts if costs of delivering residential continue to increase. I'm sure hateful management is always looking for driver input to reduce costs for residential delivery...