What if you're a middle aged seasonal?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Pondfish, Sep 15, 2007.

  1. Pondfish

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    Hi all,

    I found this site while I was trying to get more info about UPS. I had an initial interview, and expect to be called back for a driving test, then start as a seasonal temp driver, I hope. (I can't imagine I wouldn't pass the driving test, or should I be nervous?) I would like to stay on with UPS. I don't have any pension from another job or anything, we would need the income I would bring in, and the benefits. I'm in my mid 50's, and healthy.

    From what I'm reading here, it sounds like it takes years to get hired on full time. Or even part time? I'm applying at a small station in the mid-west. Any opinions? Is this a job where mature adults need not apply? I felt I was as qualified as the other applicants I saw being interviewed with me, regardless of our ages.

  2. Leftinbuilding

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    Unfortunatly Pond, UPS likes em young. The oldest "new hire" I 've known was in his early 40s and he had an inside track with someone in our Local. Maybe you can break the trend. Good luck. Also, the job is tougher than it looks from the outside. I too, am in my mid 50s and don't even want to think about having to drive a route again, even tho I drove one for 27+ years. It really is a young mans game.
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    I'm not trying to be an ass but do yourself and your body a favor look elswhere. I'm 42 and couldn't imagine starting at the bottom of our seniority list doing all the heavy buisness rtes no one bids. You might be ok for peak on a 300+ stop resi run but if you get hired FT you will get the garbage:crying:
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    Thanks for the responses. Guess I'll just have to wait and see if I even get hired as a seasonal employee. You guys explained the situation pretty well; that was about what I expected to hear.

    About looking elsewhere for another job: that's what I have been doing. There aren't many good jobs around where I live. Jobs with the benefits like UPS has are almost non-existent. As I'm sure you've all heard, the job market is pretty tough for everybody now . . . Well, it's true.

  5. Fnix

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    How would it be for a 21 year old to start driving ?
  6. magoo57

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    The press asked the over-the-hill boxer why he was wanting to subject himself to the torture of another bout. "I know what I am fighting for", he said. What is the reason? "MILK" said the Cinderella Man.
    I have been a lurker here on this site for some time, Pondfish, but on this subject I had to leave my comfortable invisibility. Pond, YOU CAN DO THIS!! Yes, this company gears its hires to a younger person. Yes, the work is grueling( at a month your body will feel as if you have been through a month of Marine Corps boot camp), but you know why you are putting on those browns every morning: Milk. A phenomenal health coverage. A decent wage and retirement program. And a job to be proud of.
    I am in my 50s myself. I have never done a driver's job, but I have done everything a hub or a preload can throw at me. I can say that I kept up with my coworkers, because younger turks do not know how to conserve energy. Don't be a hero,Pond. Always use those devices that make moving a package easier, even on boxes that you would be embarrassed to be seen on a handtruck.
    I am now a supervisor, so I can tell you to stand your ground to your superior. You are about to be on the training curve ,so learn to do things RIGHT, NOT FAST. If your supe is a snot -faced kid who wishes you were 25 years younger, explain to him that older workers do not usually miss work because of too much partying the night before.Older workers do not resort to workman's comp as often as young workers because an older worker takes the safety lessons to heart. Do not be a hero. remember in your training and in your job that age does not make you old. The thing that turns a young man into an old man is a bad back. Remember that every time you lift a package.
    One last thing, Pond. If this website was around twenty years ago, similar people would be saying that this job was too tough for a woman to do. Now we have songs dedicated to the UPS "Girl".
    Good luck and much "milk"
  7. Pondfish

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    Thanks, magoo. That was very encouraging. I don't know what else to say.


    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    Hey, If anything its a great workout for any age! Get help on those 70's and over, don't be a hero So your a half century old big deal, its not all physical its mental too.
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    left in building:youre right.i drove 29 years.it is a young gal or guys game.it was better years ago when we were names not numbers.the center mgr.didn't like older drivers because he only liked numbers.older drivers won't give that good of numbers.it's a good world after brown.
  10. upsgrunt

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    Will you be able to do the driving job when you are 75 years old? That is how old you will be to be eligible for a pension. I don't like to discourage anyone, in fact I'll be one of your biggest fans should you try this venue, but all I keep doing in my mind is trying to picture myself doing this job at that age(s). I started at 19, started driving at 22, am now 41 years old and it sounds like someone is making popcorn when I get out of bed in the morning. I wish you the best of luck and will continue to encourage you in your effort. Please keep us informed what you decide and how you are doing.
  11. helenofcalifornia

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    Go for it! You won't know unless you try. It is tough on your body but well rewarding benefit-wise. So put braces on the kids and then quit. When you go driving, you might meet another opportunity out there that could lead to a better job somewhere else. Don't be discouraged, go for it!
  12. mikeb

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    ive been with UPS for 13 years, 8 of those a driver. im 35 now and i can tell my body is not what it used to be, but i can honestly say when i get up in the morning i dont dread going to work; mostly because of the people on my route that i interact with. ive made many friends on my route and enjoy talking to them and i wouldnt have been able to do that with another job. be safe and keep smiling
  13. faded jeans

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    I'm 55 (see avatar) and drive a route every day. And no it's not easy, but it can be done. And I may not live long enough to retire but then it won't matter anyway. How about that twisted logic?
  14. dillweed

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    Wow, pondfish, you've got courage. I'm 50 and have been an inside worker for 15 years. The body hurts sometimes but at my age it would probably be creaking a bit no matter what the job. A desk job would probably see me at 200 pounds and sloppy muscles.

    You have a good work ethic and desire so give it a try. My dad used to say "Do somethiing, dammit, even if it's wrong!", when I was in a state of indecision.

    Are you good at navigation? Do you like to drive? Do you work well under pressure? All these qualities will help you.

    Another thought, UPS is now into a "quota" phase where they are trying hard to diversify the workforce. High profile company needs to be seen as giving a fair shake to all. We are seeing all ages, races and sexes coming into our center and as long as they are trying to do a good job they stay. Driving is a whole different story from inside work and not easy but you have wisdom and maturity on your side.

    Give it a try, do the best you can to follow instructions while keeping yourself safe. Worst that can happen is they let you go or you decide it isn't right for you.

    Be sure to come back here for suggestions, encouragement and friendship. The drivers on this forum have years of experience and are very supportive. There is nothing they haven't seen or heard so feel free to ask and vent. Best of luck to you and let us know how you're doing. dw
  15. brownmonster

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    What a refreshing change. Most of us are crying about the fact we may not be able to collect a fat pension in our mid-fifties and your ready to start at that age. Go for it. BM
  16. Pondfish

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    Hello all,

    Does anybody know how long it usually takes to be called in for the driving test for a seasonal employee?

  17. Just Lurking

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    OT: But these are 3 of the 5 thread titles that board finds similiar to this thread.

    - Emmerdale star dies aged 87

    - Columnist Dempster dies aged 65

    - Cuba's 'first lady' dies aged 77

    Give it at try Pondfish. My previous pre-loader made it into driving at age 53 after 2-3 years of part-time. He worked for 25 years in a brick plant before it closed.