What is Air driver Progression???

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    Question I started preload in 8/2010. I recently started Air driving during the week and will do Sat as well. I know I start at $13.50 now and with-in 2 years reach $26, but does anyone know how fast you get raises during this 2 year period? Or do you just go from $13.50-$26 in one shot... ???
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    It is in your supplement, which is in your contract book.
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    Air wages are listed in the Master Agreement as such:

    Seniority plus 12 months...$14.00
    Seniority plus 18 months...$14.50
    Seniority plus 24 months...Top Rate

    I'm not sure what the top rate is but it progresses by calendar years, not accumulated weeks driving like for Ground.
  4. Is this so hard? Does nobody read the contract that controls their life?
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    Hence the overwhelming number of Yes votes every time.
  6. It is really sad. I think most just mark yes and mail it back without even looking into it. Or like the last one all they knew was that dumb postcard they sent saying we will make 25k more
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    I think we should start 5 more threads, on this subject.
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    Thanks Sailboat.
    Actually I did look at all the other threads on this. Sorry I could find it. I'm not home and just was curious. I was impatient and didn't want to wait until I was home to search in the book. BTW, I voted no. But hey, thanks for all the Smarta$$ remarks.
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    My life is not controlled by our contract.
  10. That's what you brainwashed yourself to think.