What is an 8 hour or less combo job?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by IDoLessWorkThanMost, Aug 29, 2008.

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    Apparently an inside/outside 22.3 position was posted last week and is an "8 hour or less" combo. The bid sheet did not say it was this classification. The stewards insist they are lower paying for all 40 hours, and there are no combo jobs that are lower paying except these type, so this forces me to believe that it's an 8-hour-or-less combo.

    This means you only recieve part-time air driver pay ($2 less an hour than full-time), and a part-time rate for inside work.

    So what is a less-than-8, and do bid sheets not have to state that they are these types of jobs and they are lower paying than inside/outside 22.3 regular combo jobs?

    If someone bids this job, are assigned to it and find out they don't get 8 hours plus they take a pay cut all hours, isn't this decieving as the bid sheet does not address this?

    Who do you talk to about posted bids and how complete they are? (And don't say a steward, I'm already beyond talking to them, they are not helpful at all)
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    i heard of them cutting OT out of the inside/outside people, but never heard of less then 8 hr work. they must pay you for 8 hrs even you work less than 8.
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    "Less than 8" job = Part-time. No 8 hour guarantee. Overtime after 8.
    Examples being, an EAM/10:30 Air Driver or a P.M. Air Driver. I've never heard of a "combo, less than 8" though.

    We had a lot of "less than 8" air drivers at one time. These were the jobs that they combined with building work to make the 22.3 combo jobs.

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    If the job is an Article 40 Less-Than-Eight-Hour Combo Job (involving some Air Driving) then it is a part-time job with the lower split rate as you described. It is not a regular full-time job, or an Article 22.3 full-time job.

    A bid sheet should make it clear if the job is full-time or part-time, and what the job classification is.

    Are part-time jobs normally put up for bid like this in your Local?

    Aren't full-timers prohibited from bidding on part-time jobs?
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    Almost all of our 22.3 full time combo jobs used to be part time combo jobs. It would just be a regular part timer who would do something else before his normal part time shift. Such as air drive for 2-3 hours then come in and load trucks. Still a part time job. Paid two diferent wages and no 8 hour garantees or full time benefits.
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    The problem is, this job is posted on the board -

    2am-11am Preload/Air driver

    1 Hour Lunch

    No mention of under-8 hour combination job in the heading, only full-timers can bid on jobs in New England Supplement too. So I bid on this job which pays a part-time rate all 40 hours....

    Pays 20.75/hour driving and part-time inside wage, inside.

    Both stewards stood by this and almost ignored me, wouldn't talk to me. Both have easy inside 22.3 jobs themselves, one small-sort small-sort!!

    Who is in control here? the contract clearly says that any 22.3 full-time combination employee gets 22.97 right as a full-time air driver, right? Why can't this be fixed other than this hub being punished by poor leadership at the local 25 level? who do I talk to??
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    There's no such thing as a full-time job that pays part-time wages for the air driving portion of the day.

    Ask a supervisor for the email address of the area Labor Relations guy and inform him of the situation.

    You could also contact the Joint National Air Committee for an advisory ruleing.

    Or file a grievance, and hope it is eventually seen by someone above the local level.

    I hope the National Air Committee hasn't rewritten Article 40 without telling us. They seem to have the authority to, just as the National 9.5 Committee can rewrite Article 37's over-9.5 language.
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    Call Sean O"Brien

    then grieve it.....take it to the panel.
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    when i did the 22.3 you get paid the inside rate when your inside and air driving rate when you are running air but since it is a full-time job you go through progresson. as far as having the same rate for both jobs i dont know if after you have reached full progresson