What is Express planning?

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    Recently i was moved from DOT to non DOT. I was thinking that i was about to get screwed and have to work more hours from no longer being classified as DOT.
    Then about 10 days ago we had a "hiring blitz" at our station. The aftermath was 20 handlers and 22 couriers hired on.
    This is the problem we have to get rental vans almost daily and if they added half of the routes for just the drivers they hired we will not have room on the belt. They promised the people that were just hired that they were not just seasonal help and they would stay on permanently. So basically what do i need to expect lots of OT or no OT? I cannot figure out what they are attempting to do.
  2. El Morado Diablo

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    Personally, I think they are trying to save money and make hiring easier by having less DOT employees. It helps that we are doing away with our larger vans so we need fewer DOT employees. I don't think there is anything to the notion that you will have to work longer hours per day/week simply because you're non-DOT. Our days can be long enough as it is and FedEx isn't going to risk having more lawsuits due to accidents/safety by having us work more hours.
  3. hypo hanna

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    It takes a lot of hours to take up the slack of 42 new hires. They can't do that under DOT restrictions.
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    Another thing to consider is they saved a lot of money on physicals, etc if most of these new drivers are non-DOT. Which is most likely if they're all driving rentals.
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    Physicals are around $50, not much in the scope of hiring new personnel. I'm guessing they are planning on at least half those new hires washing out before peak and hoping the rest can cover the extra volume. I'm sure there will be plenty of ot if you want it.
  6. hypo hanna

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    Plenty of late deliveries and pick up service failures too!
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    Physicals are $50 if that(they probably get a bulk discount) sending a newhire to school ~$800-2000(hotels and expenses) not including pay. They are looking to oversaturate the company with extra workers, hoping to go all "part time" thus allowing them to drop benefits (just like walmart)
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    That's a real possibility. Glad I'm a long way from the station.
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    They'll need to solve the problem of have enough trucks. Either they'll have 2 trucks for 1 route or 1 truck and the two part timers hand off the truck. The cost of having two trucks for one rte doesn't make sense. They'll probably decide to hand off the one truck which, after the mid term elections are over and gas prices go back up to normal, will get expensive as well with one driver dead heading back to the station only to have the other dead head back out to the route.
  10. bbsam

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    And part-timers historically don't vote in union organizing campaigns.