What is "federal" about Federal Express ?

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    For years I have often wondered why Fred named his company "Federal" Express. I've looked up every possible definition of the word federal and I don't see how it can be used to identify a privately owned overnight air courier.
    My only guess could be that he was trying to lure potential customers to use his service if he made it look like it was a U.S. government agency, much like the USPS. If he could fool them into believing it was part of the U.S. government, they may think it was more reliable than any private company like UPS.

    I think there should of been some kind of lawsuit for trying to mislead the people by impersonating the government.
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    Since we are discussing misnomers, should UPS be sued for it's misuse of the word "Service"?
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    FedEx was first started as a service transporting paperwork, etc between Federal Reserve banks around the country. Used small jets at first and was originally based in Little Rock, AR. Years ago when the Post Office was closed on minor holidays, like Columbus Day, customers would act surprised to see me. I'd always tell them the only thing Federal about us is our name.
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    In 1965 When Fred Smith was in College he wrote a term paper about shipping and the need for time sensitive shipment. I do believe he was told by his Professor it was would not work and gave him a failing grade. Smith named the company using the Word "Federal" beacause of the patroitic meaning and to have nationwide economic activity. He did hope to get a contact with the FED but it was denied.
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    Federal disaster area!!!! :happy2:
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    I'm confused ... didn't you see the press releases? It's better than it's ever been.
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    The "Federal Express" was a passenger train operated by the Pennsylvania Railroad that famously crashed into a station back in 1953. Imagine that, a company named after a runaway train wreck. How appropriate.
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    Yes, I'm sure there will be raises all around. As bad a sit is, my guess is that the management will start using The Rack instead of issuing OLCC's.
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    You would be surprised at how many people think we are government employees at UPS because of the word UNITED!
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    You'd be surprised how many mexican people don't want to answer the door where there's a tall, white guy wearing a dark blue uniform and driving a truck that says federal on it. Hey, if they don't want their verizon phones, fine with me.
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    Did some Googling and you are correct. Was told the Federal Reserve thing by a mgr back in the 80's and honestly thought that was the truth all these years. Thanks for clearing that up!
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    LA MIGRA!!!
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    Do like me say it's the UPS man and I bet you Mexican come to the door with the quickness.


    ROFLMAO @ with the quickness Most of the time, those stops are stupid COD's anyway, so you know you're probably going to go more than once.
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    I only say I'm the UPS man when there's a problem.
    Let's say I'm illegally parked.
    Dude: "hey man, you're parked in a no parking zone"
    Me: "Oh yeah, if you don't like it, you can call 1-800-Pick ups"