What is the Diff between a Resi and Comm in the Diad

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    My question is what is the difference between a resi and comm in the diad. In the spot where it says Unit, I know there are diff numbers. My sups have put my first trip on a diad that I think has no time study and that all of the stops are considered resi. It is all business, maybe about 40 to 50 stops and around 200 pieces. My second trip is a mall trip with a helper. ever since they gave me the first trip, I run over. I am doing more work than I had before, getting done around the same time. This is why I think the stops are coming up as resi. Of course when I ask the sup, he says "I will ask the IE guys" which I know is BS. So, does anyone know what the Unit numbers are and how they relate to the stops?

    NHDRVR New Member

    It's entirely possible that an area you are doing was designated as residential when it is a commercial area. Instead of getting 20 different answers as to why this might be the case, do yourself a favor and mention the issue to your center manager and then to your SS. This doesn't change anything as far as time allowances are concerned but when they flash the fantasy numbers in your face you can tell them to move along...
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    The unit numbers have no correlation to residential/commercial. Routes are set up in a loop system and subdivided in to areas within each route. Generally the further the area from the center the more allowance you get for mileage. Stops are classified as either residential or commercial by the driver when he completes the stop and chooses an option. Driver release stops are residential only as driver release is not an option at a business. Commercial stops have an array of options to choose from. I think the answer you are looking for is in your post and has to do with your second trip with your helper. You do not get the full time allowance when you use a helper and they will give you more stops knowing that you have a helper. I assume they are coding your DIAD as 6H to reflect your helper. Are you putting the hours that you use the helper in your DIAD?
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    We were told yesterday by our supervisor that all Basic service packages are to be DRed to businesses even if they are closed. If there is a non Basic package in the mix, then a signature is required. If for any reason you can't make the delivery then you leave the Basic packages. Just like the (shudder) Postal Service.
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    you are not supposed to dr any business even if it is a basic pkg. if you have a basic pkg going to a business you should press the deliver button then the release number and it will ask you where you left it.if you dr a business it will charge them for a resi surcharge because you only dr resi's
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    Thanks Big. I was going to say the same thing. Any shipper release packages can be as well. I don't make a habit of it but I have done this.
  7. Big Babooba

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    If my boss says to do it, I do it. I don't make the rules.
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    When you scan a basic shipper release it brings uo the screen and tells you that you can leave at buisnesses
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    Ok, thread is starting to get hijacked. My trip is time studied with a the helper. Last year I would do about 50-60 resi and comm stops and get to my second trip at noon. I would get done at the same time and I would run under just about every day. Now they give me way more work, and I cant run under to save my life. I have learned a very important lesson, every day I take my full lunch, no matter how much work is in that truck. I had been brainwashed into running like a crazy person. Those days are way over. I know in my heart that they are messing with the numbers. there is no way that we can deliver close to 700 pieces and pu around 150 and be over. Last year if we did those numbers I would have ran around 200 under.
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    Typically, the allowances in the two areas are the same but we need Pman or BrnIE to weigh in. (Sent them a PM)

    One of the things that the Resi/Comm indicator is used for is billing adjustments. If the shipper had the stop checked as a Commercial and the driver indicates it is residential, the shipper is post-manifest billed the reidentntial surcharge.
  11. UpstateNYUPSer

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    ...you are right but does that mean you are going to DR it when the business is closed?
  12. trplnkl

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    Basic package or not, I will not DR it at a closed business. I do not deem that a safe DR, which is my responsibility and option.

    Hoax is correct about the reason for res/comm differential.
    Upstate is correct about the unit numbers, but is off on the miles. To/from miles are preset depending on the route. The to/from can change from high/high to high/low, etc. etc. which would change driving allowance for a given route.
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    You brought up a few things here that you need to address first.

    1. It doesn't matter what you used to do on the route. It only matters what you do today.
    2. If they are giving you "way more work, and I can't run under to save my life", that is THEIR problem. You said you take your lunch and I can only assume you are working safely and putting in the effort. Their numbers are just that; THEIR numbers. Not yours...
    3. Yeah, they probably adjusted the dispatch. Who cares...Numbers are fictional. If they changed them so you were 3 hours paid under I doubt you would do things differently. Drivers say they would take advantage of such a thing but we are creatures of habit. I found a nice pace (for me) many years ago and regardless of the OR's I am not changing a thing.

    Find your pace and stick to it. If you are following the methods then INVITE them to OJS you if they start bothering you. They back down 98% of the time...
  14. Stran

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    Just wanted to add to the Shipper Release debate. We have been instructed to never bring back a "shipper release" pkg to the building period! If the business is closed leave the pkg at the door. If you can not gain access to the apt building bag the pkg and leave it at the door. I have done both with management on car with me. They have threatened to issue warning letters if you fail to follow...
  15. UpstateNYUPSer

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    ...tell them to start typing as there is no way I am going to DR a closed business, especially one that has any amount of foot traffic, just so that they don't show any PSA.
  16. Big Babooba

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    That is exactly what we were told to do. They don't want any Basic send agains at all. I don't like it but my opinion doesn't count.
  17. 2years2go

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    UPS receives very little revenue on a basic package. Customers who ship basic understand that we will only make 1 delivery attempt. For every Package that is not delivered on the first attempt, UPS loses money on the package. In most cases the package gets loaded back into the pkg car, unloaded again back at the center, loaded into a trailer, unloaded again on the preload, resorted, reSPAed and loaded again into the package car. Then a drivers again has to drive to the location, stop and deliver the package again.

    The customer did not pay for this service. They have agreed (to get a very low rate) that we should take it out once and get it to the location on the box.

    If we have 10,000 drivers all bringing back 2 basic stops per day, that's 20,000 stops that we just artificially created. That puts at least 100 more cars on the street, increases our costs needlessly and prevents UPS from providing lower rates to our customers driving more volume to our competitors.

    If you are concerned about your customers, keep their rates low and do what we are suppose to do with basic packages...Thats why they are "Basic"
  18. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    Fair enough, but let's suppose you own a bakery and that your hours are 6am to 2pm, because that is when most people get their baked goods in your town. However, your UPS driver is not in your neighborhood that early, so he simply leaves your LL Bean sweater by the front door because that is what he has been instructed to do. You show up the following morning and, guess what, no sweater. The sad part is that no claims are processed on Basic pkgs so you, Mr. Bakery owner, not only do not have your sweater but now you are out $80 (LL Bean is expensive).

    I can certainly understand not wanting paid send agains but not at the expense of customer service, whether it be full service or Basic service.
  19. Brown287

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    At the end of the day we all "Work as Directed", my management says leave the package I leave the package. Besides you assume that L.L.Bean wont reimburse thier customer which is false, they simply ship another one out which in itself is more business for UPS. We dont make the rules we just play by them.
  20. pretzel_man

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    okay.... Here's how it works to the best of my recollection....

    Resi / Comm in the DIAD no longer goes to billing. I few years back, the bill was determined based on how the driver recorded a package. Shippers were upset because they would sometimes be told an address was Residential and sometimes commercial. They were more upset at our inconsistency than about paying the residential surcharge.

    Today what happens is that a big database looks at how the driver records each address. If an address is predominately residential, it is tagged as a Resi. If its predominately commercial, its tagged comm. If an address is not consistently recorded, there is a way to manually update the resi / comm in this big database.

    The database is outside of the DIAD. That is what goes to billing. Its worked very well.

    Resi / comm also can determine a commit time. Many drivers have learned that if they code an address as commercial, the commit time changes to later. That's not good. At some point, corporate will use that billing database to also determine commit time.

    Of course, the final thing is that you can't DR a commercial address in the DIAD. (I think that's still the case)

    It does not change allowances.