What is the driving test like?

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    When UPS does Package Delivery driving test, what is it like? What do they test you on and what are they looking for. Any suggestions are appreciated it! Thanks!
  2. TearsInRain

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    stops per hour, or preferably minute; the higher the better

    all else is secondary
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    One would think driving is important too?
  4. menotyou

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    Only, when you get in an accident.
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    Just do the best you can <
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  7. UPSGUY72

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    If your talking about the driving to become a driver they are looking that you can drive a stick, start up on a hill with out rolling backwards, and somewhat comfortable driving a larger vehicle.

    If your talking about your yearly safety ride there is a list two pages long that they grade you on.

    If your doing a performance ride than it's all about stops per hr on those 3 days you walk all your stops off.
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    When i started my Sup told me to get started by grabbing the stick. I grabbed the shifter but he said "No, the other stick" and winked at me.
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    Did he go to Penn State? ;)
  10. Indecisi0n

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    Not sure but i got the job....
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    Congrats. :)