What is the most annoying thing that helpers do?

Operational needs

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Whining about how bad their life is while living rent free in their parent’s basement.

And whining about how early they had to get up and how hard they’re working.

Operational needs

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I just let them smoke in the cab but thinking about it you guys probably have the doors shut this time of year hu?

I could see where that would get annoying.

eats packages

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You know.....there is a marvelous invention that could possibly prevent that from happening....seatbelts. Maybe you could have your helper try them out. :)
The helper seatbelt does not have telematics on it bro. Honestly the belt is so poorly designed and pointless that you might as well not have it on shortly before stopping or going a short stretch in a neighborhood.

Regardless I would not go any further than to have it off a short second before the car stops.


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About every other year I seem to get somebody that wants to ride around with the passenger door open when it's around zero degrees and then claim he can't record packages because his hands are too cold...Gee I wonder how that could be?

Had a guy several years back who would always insist on a bathroom break less than 10 minutes into a 3 to 4 hour swing into the country resis repeatedly after finishing several hours of retail and business stops. Once about every 5 years a good one comes along, but most of them seem more trouble than they are worth.