What is the stupidest thing that you seen a fellow employee do.. or heard that they did

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Driver got fired for about the dozenth time and lost in panel and he shot and killed the fellow Teamster that testified against him.
Then he sets his car on fire in the parking lot with him inside killing himself.
One guy tried parking his own car got into multiple accidents and didn't even report it. If he would've reported it he would've been working still. Crazy man, report everything! They might let it slide.


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Had a cop talk to me about a fellow employee, speeding around town. Asked me to warn her she was going to get a big ticket soon, if it kept up.

Went to the employee and told her what the cop said. Her response was "I wasn't speeding I was only 10 over the limit."

I just walked away flabbergasted.
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Guys stealing lottery tickets (scratch offs) and taking the winners to the gas station ...tickets aren’t even registered yet, caught and fired

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Guys stealing lottery tickets (scratch offs) and taking the winners to the gas station ...tickets aren’t even registered yet, caught and fired
That has happened in our center too. Not sure if it's true, but I heard he only had like $57 in winning tickets. Doesn't seem worth losing your job and getting arrested for $57.


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Had a guy putting up a load net in a full Fedex pup trailer. Dock manager is watching and he tells the yard switcher on the radio to stand by. Switcher completely ignores him and hooks up to the trailer while the loader is still inside. He just puts the last clip in and the trailer is pulled off the door about 10 feet, while he's still in it and he's hanging off the net like Spiderman. Dock manager is having a huge fit and everyone on the radio is wondering WTF is going on. I was in the trailer next door overhearing his tirade and the switcher was let go the next day.

I wasn't around for this either but we had an older lady go completely berserk on another woman in small sort. Arguing over a carpool prize or something. Tons of racial slurs going back and forth and E-stops getting tripped.

And this wasn't something blatantly stupid but last peak season our hub manager basically let our returns pile up over a period of two weeks, maybe more and they were just sitting until the week before Christmas. Night shift was supposed to do them but he didn't hire enough people for that group, and so they would only do small sort and 3 trailers every night. We were behind by 75 thousand pieces on Christmas Eve...he's still there as far as I know..


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It really hit home with me as the killer had reported to me some 20 years prior to this. He had a little daughter as well.
Tough times.
Do you remember the killer name or when this happened? This sounds like a case study we had done in criminology when I was a cop.