what is to happen now ???

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    well let's see central states goes belly up.Teamster 's have to come up with a backup ins company.While ups sits back and watches happen what they set in place years ago.With 20% or more driver leaving this contract,as sugar plum fairly dance in there heads of all the money there going to make off the new progression drivers pay.While the men and women who have kept this company alive on are backs get burned...oh what a wicked web they set for us...Give them one thing to ups, they plans good or bad,. years in the future were as teamster live for the day.Been with this outfit for over 35 years still not old enough to leave, have seen it all ...GOD BLESS US ALL AND PRAY FOR THE GUYS WHO ARE ALREADY RETIRED,BECAUSE THEY WILL BE FED TO THE DOGS FIRST''''''
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    Feel better now?
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    My wife works for NBC in Phoenix: Sources say UPS paid over 150,000 in political money for pension reform bill. Pension fund invested tons of money into Casinos and lost it, another source said
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    The central states will be a solvent plan once the cuts are made. The plan will fix itself once the nessesary cuts are made.
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    Once the promised cuts to retirees pensions are made, then the retirees will be the one's in a fix.
    1997 was the death knell for future UPS Central States retirees.
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    Yea I agree it should have never been raised across the board in 1997.