What is your guess for MIP?

Discussion in 'UPS Partners' started by sosocal, Jan 20, 2012.

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    Just looking at the increase in earnings and EPS - and based on last year's factor at 2.4 = My guess for this years is 2.95,
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    I'm going to go with 110%
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    I think you misunderstood the question--the OP was not asking for the probability that you would give an intelligent answer on this (or any) topic.

    I think Fenris is right---2.64
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    This year MIP with be expressed as % base salary, 17% is equivalent of 2.0. I believe this will be a very good year because of the changes to the program (moving it back 3 months being the big one). Whenever UPS has changed anything concerning management compensation and benifits it is always good at first, it is a few years later you realize how bad it was for you. With this said I believe it will be around 22% for 1 unit 44% for 2 unit.
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    That's how it usually goes.
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    I am told they are going to express it as a a percentage of the base though, so if they announce 110%, for example, it would be 18.7% of salary for 1 unit and 37.4% for two units.
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    24 percent increase in earnings over the last MIP window period - I don't see why 24 percent of an MIP increase should not be expected (2.4 X 1.24 = 2.97)...why would they sell the partnership out after such strong dedication and performance?...Give the company some credit.
  10. bones

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    Wish I could but you are pointing out the exact reason why MIP was changed from 15% of profits to the current metrix, board did not want to share that much of the profits, though I beleive this year will be a very good year because they want to make the changes look good.
  11. sosocal

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    Yeah - I had been watching to many political debates - was looking for the spin on that last post.
  12. You use an antiquated term to refer to the management employees of UPS as “Partners”. The partnership (as it was) has been dead for quite some time; I believe that most would agree that its funeral was on 11/10/1999 (the day UPS went public), which was (I believe) was also the date when MIP was also uncoupled from profits; and the amazing surge in the compensation at the C-level (CEO, COO CFO) began.

    Now as to MIP, there are I believe six elements today that are looked at for MIP in 2011, not just profitability:

    Balanced volume growth
    Growth in revenue per piece
    Growth in consolidated revenue
    Growth in consolidated adjusted earnings per share (EPS)
    Positive operating leverage
    End-to-end service

    And of course, the goals for each measure are set by the “compensation committee”.

    Now at the end of the last quarter, I believe that three elements were at or above goal / target; and three elements were below goal / target; or 50% effective.

    So, if the results trend held (only 50% to plan) ~ you would have a .5 month (for a one unit supervisor) and 1.0 month (for a two unit manager) since you are 50% to plan. To pay anything else implies that the measure is subjective.
  13. menotyou

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    So are you saying 0.63 was close to being on the mark?
  14. I think the MIP "number" will be what ever the "Compensation Committee" of the UPS Board of Directors needs the number to be (based on wthie stated objective to increase the compensation at the "C level". I don't think anyone could make a rational case for the current MIP elements to be anything but 100% subjective.

    Goal-setting ideally involves establishing specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-targeted objectives. In my opinion, for the individual management employee, all of the 2011 MIP elements fail this test.
  15. Hawk780

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    Good, interesting conversations on this (Q42011, where did you go? Think about it). Waiting to hear from Pretzelman on his prediction/insight, he always seems to get the scoop early...Pretzelman, you out there????
  16. BURMDPsupe

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    Maybe this year's MIP will be "inflated" a touch to compensate for the missing 4Q?

  17. It could be . . . But what in the recent trend (of the cutbacks) in Management benefits would give you such hope ??
  18. Results for Q4 2010 were very good, and this isn't taken into account in MIP for 2010 or 2011.
  19. Monkey Butt

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    The MIP is no longer tied to the success of the company.
  20. I rest my case.

    UPS just announced a change to the accounting method for the Managementt pension plan that will adjusted the earnings per share down by $0.41 for the year. With that "gift", you just missed the "Growth in consolidated adjusted earnings per share (EPS)" element. for the year.