What is your job at UPS?

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    From what little I have read in past posts indicates that you HATE TDU, approve of every thing that Hoffa and hall do, and post messages all day and night and on weekends (multiple posts) week after week. What is your agenda? Why the hate for TDU? I have a feeling your work with or on behalf of IBT as the internet troll. From what I read from your posts, we should always trust the leadership of IBT and never question the real motives or push direction of the International. That is why we pay for representation and expect better information from our IBT leaders about negotiations.
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    His job is working at UPS, his hobby is coming here sharing his opinion. He contributes a lot to this site as do others you may or may not agree with. Calling someone a shill or a company mole is nothing more than ignorant on your part. Just because you don't agree with someone doesn't mean they are some three headed demon summoned by the elected officials of the IBT sent here to challenge everyone who dares utter any dissatisfaction with aforementioned leadership.

    Sometimes he doesn't respond with long winded arguments because, much like this thread, it's been done before.
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    'Private Message' button, what is your function on BC?
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    Well at least we can see he knows how to use some of his brain. He picked the right screen name for such an idiotic post.
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    He missed it and accidentally hit the troll button
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    I just made a stink.
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    You know you have clout when threads are started about you.
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    Please don't expect other people to disclose personally identifiable information here. Feel free to discuss whatever you would like via pm, but not on our public forum.

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    I can't retort to my fan page!

    Apparently Trustnoone called me out. But the post kicks me off on my app. To answer his questions.
    1) I'm a 20 year paid-over FT driver and an effective steward.
    2) Yes I hate TDU. Read my posts for more. All I do to them is what they do to our union, inform?
    3) I'm a hall and O'Brien fan not a Hoffa fan. Someday you'll understand why.
    4) I don't expect everyone to agree with the Union all the time but we should support the Union all the time and look for the bigger picture.
    5) I'm not a troll. I didn't know what it was until this site. You have -95,373 rep points, I have +10,234,840 rep points. You have 42 on your posts, I have 1123 likes. And you call me a troll?
    6) I do post a lot on here. I do have 6 weeks vacation and sick and personal days you know. But that's none of your business also.
    7) I do not care what you think about me. Just make sure you listen when I speak.
    8) I'm insanely good looking but I'm not conceited about it.
    9) I hate people that steal, people who drive in the breakdown lane and men that whine. I hope your not any of these.
    10) I originally came on this site to help people with their questions.

    If you really want to meet me that bad just ask, I'll meet with you. Thank you for the fan page that was sweet. I'm glad you have such an attraction to me. Any other questions?
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    Still getting kicked off the app. Wtf?!
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    Try again Stink and let me know if it is still kicking you off.
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    Still getting kicked off. Sorry

    HEFFERNAN Huge Member

    Hey Stink

    After I read your post, I tried to read this thread from my Iphone app too but it also kept kicking me off.
    ​It was not just you.
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    Re: I can't retort to my fan page!

    That's my boy
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    I want to meet this stinky insanely god looking man.
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    I don't get the idea he's looking for anything on the down low so you might be disappointed.
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    This thread is really cool its got two different names. How did you do that Cheryl??

    BSWALKS I Wanna Be Sedated

    Same here.
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    Stink, you mention O'brian. I have heard the name before and attempted to find out info about him, but have came up with zilch. It appears he has a fairly large underground movement behind him. Whats up with him? Is he the next headliner for pres?