What It Takes to Work Here: UPS

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    What It Takes to Work Here: UPS - Minyanyville

    Becoming a UPS (UPS) driver, or, in company parlance, a DSP (for “driver service provider”), takes an extraordinary amount of training before they let you behind the wheel of a big brown truck, or in company parlance, a “package car.”

    The shipping giant has guidelines and rules in place that turn every delivery into a carefully choreographed ballet -- drivers are expected to walk at a brisk pace (2.5 paces per second); to make as many right turns as possible (it's been reported that approximately 90% of all turns made by UPS package cars are right turns), which, in 2007, reduced overall delivery driving by 30 million miles, saved 3 million gallons of gas, and reduced CO2 emissions by 32,000 metric tons; and to carry their keys on their ring finger, which puts the key into optimal position for the index finger and thumb to turn the ignition in one swift motion with no wasted energy or time.
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    90% right turns is a little excessive.