what locals don,t have a suplement

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    i heard hoffa is trying to get rid of our suplements
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    Local 705 (covering greater Chicago) and Local 710 (covering the rest of Illinois, Indiana, and Davenport, Iowa) don't have Supplements. That's because they aren't a part of the National Master Agreement. Each has their own seperately negotiated Agreement with UPS.
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    Fixed it for you.:wink2:

    No one could eliminate the supplements.... Not Hoffa or God himself.

    All Local Unions have a high degree of " Local Autonomy".

    Thats why 710 and 705 have seperate agreements.... But their language is not

    that different from the Master or other supplements. Small variations.

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    Bug you are wrong. Hoffa and his GEB took away 705 and 710's seperate contract for YRC and combined them in the NMFA.
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    After the fact.
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    Yes after the fact that the members in those locals refused the concession package that the IBT was forcing down their throat. As many as 3 votes and they still voted down the concessions, so Hoffa rolled all of 705 and 710 into the NMFA. Which bit him in the rear when it came time for ABF to vote on concessions, now 705 and 710 had enough no votes to vote it down on the national level.
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    With all due respect,

    This is a UPS forum.

    If YRC is still around in a year.... Time for another discussion on another forum.

    UPS will still be here. With all the supplements....