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    What will happen if someone calls in on you for something you really didn't do?? Like throwing packages, speeding, being rude to customers etc??
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    Usually you are suspended pending investigation if the complaint has merit (totally arbitrary for management). If they like you, you'll get your job back minus a week of pay as your penalty, even though the suspension is supposed to be paid. If you're on the shatlist, you will be discarded and thrown directly beneath the bus. If you disagree, please call your shop steward and file a grievance...oh, you can't do that. So, go ahead and file an Open Door and see where that goes.

    Good luck...you will need it.
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    In my experience, they will call you into the office and yell at you, not consider anything you have to say. I was called a lying goody 2 shoes. After your sup, center manager, division manager and a few others have made total asses of themselves trying to convince you what a turd you are, when it comes back down the pipe that you did nothing or nothing can be proven, you'll never hear another word about it.

    Hang in there. Always take a union rep to any meetings with management.

    These are my opinions. Others are available.
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    Except we don't have a union rep. We're on our own. But we have Open Door and GFT, which are much better!
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    Pardon. Now I see Fed Ex discussion...
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    It all depends on your manger and the situation. Some managers ignore a lot (like mine :) ) and some get you on EVERYTHING. Don't sweat it until something happens.
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    On the Ground side, legitimate complaints can cost the ISP some money so these problems tend to solve themselves.
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    It's no different on the ground side. It's up to the SM to either believe you or not. It's their discretion whether you get charged with a complaint or not. I got nailed for one because someone called and said they were following behind me and I was going 90. After I explained my truck is governed at 82 I was told it was the perception of speeding that made it a valid complaint. Watched the CARE video and all was good. Wasn't worth the headache of fighting.

    For us, one complaint per year and we watch the video and it is "forgiven" second complaint and we lose our bonus.

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  9. wow,thats a far cry from the 60mph the coke trucks are governed.
  10. Some one
    Some where
    Will complain about
    Some thing

    that's the second thing I tell myself before I leave the Coke plant every morning.
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  12. 16yrs before my time.