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    What really bothers me isn't the inert wage progression, the companies skyrocketing stock price, the cut in health insurance, my traditional pension being taken away, my jump seat priviedges revoked, the increased stress, the increased workload, the increase disciplinary actions for getting in an inevitable wreck, the agism, the sexism, or even the complete disparity I'm top out range between legacy employees and and those hired in the last fifteen years. What really bothers me is that it still thinks its a people company. If it wants to be the "Walmart" of the skies. I'm not too proud to work for Walmart. But quit trodding out the picture of Fred Smith and telling me I'm lucky to work for such a great man. Quit lying to me and telling me how much trouble the company is in. People that work, shop, and even deliver to Walmart expect substandard wages and crappy service. Let's be what we are! The Walmart of the skies.
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    I told a customer the other day that due to our lack of pay progression (and, a lot of the other things you mentioned) that I'm not proud to work for X. If they treated us right and paid us accordingly, I'd be like "you need to ship with X. What can I do to get your business"?
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    I don't even ever send anything FedEx with my employee discount anymore. It's either USPS or UPS and I tell everyone I know to do the same. At first they think I'm kidding until I assure them that I'm dead serious when I say 'FedEx sucks!'
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    Pure poetry.
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    A month ago i Had to stop at the grocery store on my way home. Check out girl saw the uniform and said. "FedEx, isn't that a great company to work for?" I told her "don't believe the hype. It was a good company 20 years ago but not anymore. "
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    These days I always try to keep a shirt or jacket in my car in case I have to make a stop at a store enroute to or from work. It didn't used to bother me to go into an establishment in uniform, but now I avoid it like the plague. Somebody always has something to say, and I don't even want to talk about it.
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    Except that even Wal-Mart has a pseudo-union..
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    I had a similar experience a few weeks a go. Stopped at grocery store on the way home, cashier said she used to work for FX for 20 years, left in '98. She said it was a great company loud enough for everyone in line to hear. I juts said it may have been when she worked there, and they're trying to survive on the PR from her time there, but not anymore. Also in a voice loud enough for everyone in line to hear.
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    Ditto that. Things are very dismal for those of us not reaping the rewards that our sacrifices help produce. Management is raking it in with stock options, AIC, Long term incentive bonuses, stock grants, etc. Every officer and director should have a big fat smile on his or face right now.

    At the same time, more than half of our courier workforce is severely underpaid thanks to the time to max scheme. The company has just given you what amounts to a pay cut with a substandard, catastrophic health care plan that pales in comparison to other unionized airlines, UPS and even our own FedEx pilots. Health care is the biggest take away we have seen - right up their with the pension. Unfortunately, most employees have not been able to perceive this through all the marketing bs the company is using to play up this pile of crap. I feel sorry for the folks who use healthcare - see specialists, have chronic conditions. This plan will screw you.
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    Remember this:

    FedEx Corp. (FDX) set a goal of boosting profit by $1.7 billion within three years, primarily through cost reductions, to reposition the company as customers shift to slower, cheaper deliveries from costlier overnight shipments.

    They forgot to add:

    ..... and all the things we will be taking away from our employees.
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    Senior Manager (most incompetent Senior EVER) at my station has decided that no one can work more than 11 hours including break. My manager told me it was to save money. I told him that when they park the corporate jets and cut out the executive bonuses I will be convinced we need to save money.
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    Great comeback to the SM. This company is so far down the toilet that it will never be saved. The OP has it exactly correct. FedEx sucks, and it sucks more with each passing day. It's all smoke and mirrors, and the only things that matter are pumping-up the stock price and increasing profits. Eventually, enough customers will become disenchanted to make a difference in the bottom line. Fred Smith is a true rat bastard.
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    We lost our chance to go union. Fred wouldn't be doing all this if he didn't believe he had us by the pubes.
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    Exactly, and Fearless Leader Fred is taking full advantage. Screw him, and the burro he rode in on. We owe him nothing but the most minimal effort.