What Really Is The Greater Threat?

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    or This


    Impossible you say?

    Sidenote to the video, at the 5 minute mark in the video, it speaks of Brandon Darby. Darby now works and publishes on the Breitbart website. Hmmmmm!

    Darby is now doing the Tea Party tour but is his motive to play the other side now something than what it seems?
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    Niether is great threat. U.S. soldiers Kevin Corley and Samuel Walker arrested in Zetas Mexican drug cartel murder-for-hire plot | News | National Post Eventually the Cartels will recruit Ex U.S. Soliders(Ex=Soliders who need money, or PSD,) to their dirty work inside the U.S.

    People like Zimmerman who think I have gun. Therefore I can stand my ground will get slaughtered. “Assault rifles in the hands of untrained thugs are dangerous, but if those same rifles are placed in the hands of highly trained special forces soldiers who can operate as a fire team, they can be overwhelmingly powerful.” Los Zetas: Inside Mexicos Most Dangerous Drug Gang