What should go in the new contract?

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  1. Mike23

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    I wasn't too sure if this should go in the labor relations or not. Since it's not TECHNICALLY an issue I thought it'd go here.

    I was wondering what everyone would like to see in the new contract (rules and regs and such).

    I know a lot of us are working tons of extra overtime and these unfair overtime grievances are doing jack squat while UPS just ignores them. So, to fix this I thought of a way that will never come to fruitation :D

    1. Any driver who works between 8-9.5 hours is entitled to time and a half pay
    2. Any driver working between 9.5 -10.5 hours is entitled to double time
    3. Any driver working in excess of 10.5-12 hours is entitled to triple time

    Exception is Christmas time which would be straight time and a half all the way through.

    I think managers would probably be more anal about stealing time though.

    1 hour PAID lunch. Therefore 8 hours work, not 9.5 so we get home at 1700 and can have a life during the week and spend it with our family.

    Also get rid of the damn paying of socks!!!

    Of course this would never work because, unfortunately, our union isn't united and so therefore everyone of our locals are out for themselves :(
  2. 705red

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    Mike we already get triple time for hours over 9.5. I remember you are from Canada, is your contract up soon? Ours has a little over 4 years left.
  3. tieguy

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    why not ask for an improved economy so people don't have to worry about losing their jobs.:happy-very:
  4. 705red

    705red Browncafe Steward

    Or we could just pray really hard that you never get another raise and eventually leave UPS!:happy-very:
  5. City Driver

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    sorry to sound like an ******* but theres so many people out of work, and u already make $30 an hour, and you are asking for triple time and an hour paid lunch?

    no blue collar worker that i know gets an hour or even a half hour paid lunch.......they are either unpaid or 25 minutes paid

    be thankful you have this job, you could be working just as hard and making half of what u make
  6. cachsux

    cachsux Wah

    Well you know,City,that you are more than welcome to give any or all of your pay to the deserving group of your choice. NAACP,Jews For Jesus,Nader's Raiders,tofu burgers for starving Swedish bikini models. Let us know where you give up your money and we`ll follow your lead.

    After the years that many of us have worked for this company and every thing we`ve been through,I can`t fault someone for feeling they`ve earned what they now make. Should we get it for free? No,but I don`t have any regrets either. And for anyone that moans about what I make I point out they had the same opportunity to put in the same application as I did twenty some years ago.
  7. City Driver

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    never said overpaid, but u are well paid
  8. DS

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    Red, our collective agreement is up in 2010.We make about $3 less than you guys down there. I know a lot of you believe that we dont work as hard as you and in some cases it may be true,but for the most part,its the same job with the same issues.We have no over9.5 rule here as far as the OT rate goes,except that they want us to stay under 9.5.You could argue that our govt paid healthcare system would explain the pay difference,but we are taxed to the hilt,and our $ holds less value than the US$.When we had our one day strike in 2004,we were told to accept the offer or they would shut down all operations in Canada.(BS) but the tactic worked.In this next contract in my opinion,we would do best by asking for a pension guarantee instead of a substantial hourly wage increase.They have invested almost $100M in updating up here so they cant use the old threats again.
    I dont give a crap if I still have to buy ups logo socks.
  9. cachsux

    cachsux Wah

    I agree,and while I feel bad for all the people losing there jobs I don`t feel guilty for what I make. While it may be true there is a long line of people who would take my job for less money how many would keep it? I know people who make minimum wage and I also know people who make $200
    an hour. Either way I look at it as the folks on the low end should have learned to do my job and on the high end I should have learned to do theirs.
  10. City Driver

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    all im saying is that in my honest opinion nobody deserves an hour paid lunch, or triple time after 10 hours or whatever he said

    if they offered it to me would i take it? of course...but paying out that kind of money for labor may seem like a good thing now but it hurts the company
  11. tieguy

    tieguy Banned

    and miss your creative grievances? Life would be too dull. :happy-very:
  12. redshift1

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    You are of course right, if the economy remains the same look for major concessions in the next contract.
  13. Highwayman

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    I think he just wants less overtime.:happy2:
  14. Highwayman

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    Do away with Ketter and the damn DOK questions already!:sick:
  15. 40 and out

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    I think we should be very thankful that our very flawed contract is good for another 4 years. If it was contract time anytime in the near future it would be really ugly. Let's all hope the economy gets a lot better by 2013.
  16. 78brown

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    How about cutting out 75% part time sup jobs and let us hourly do the work. We all know our job and can do it well with out all these stupid sups taking our work.Most all sups could not do there jobs before moving into management. All these extra sups is for UPS number game!!!! I seen every thing around UPS in my 31 years.
  17. 78brown

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  18. Baba gounj

    Baba gounj pensioner

    Do away with the mandatory provision that all air drivers must work the Friday
    after Thanksgiving at straight pay. ( While all others get pay & a half ).
    Drop the split pay scales for inside / outside combo jobs.
    Enforce this current's contract filling of combo jobs and stop the cutting of existing jobs.
  19. Mike23

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    If you read my thread on the times in Calgary you'd know how screwed up things were when I started. It was 12 hour days for months on end. I also know for a fact that the drivers in Edmonton were working 13 hour days for months on end. I was running about 110 stops with 500 pkgs by 1700 and STILL had another 20-30 stops left which meant I got resies in return for help with the commercial because we didn't have enough drivers (0830-2030 everyday).

    I currently make $17 an hour because we have a bonus in Calgary. Our current top wage is $24 something an hour. I'm in the $100 a month bonus range for Alberta right now. I think I'm dropping back down to about $16 an hour next month. The reason for the bonus in Alberta is because we used to have a 150% turn over rate in the first three months with drivers. Hell, we STILL don't have enough part time drivers for air routes. We are currently the second (or 1st, unsure which) most expensive city to live in Canada. The only close competition is Vancouver. Then I think it's Toronto. We were FLYING drivers in from every part of the country to help us because we didn't have enough ppl to run the vehicles. You're welcome to ask any Toronto driver (I know we have some out there :D ) as I was told by multiple people who 'visited' us in Calgary that it was a regular request at PCMs.

    For 2 people I pay approximately $130 a week for groceries, in Ottawa I used to pay about $70 for the same amount of groceries. I pay $1240 a month in rent for an apartment in the city on the second floor. Same apartment in Ottawa on the 17th floor was $1000 a month.

    I'm guessing your next argument will be, 'why don't you move then.' I have a good career that will pay me enough to live off of in two and a half years, until then I'm barely having $100 left over at the end of the month.

    Should the MLB, NBA, NHL all be paid the retarded amount of money they're currently making? Nope, but their union gets it for them so why not us? We're told by management we're 'professional industrial athletes', well, athletes get paid an insane amount of money and I'd like to have an insane amount of money. You don't think our president is left wanting at the moment, do you? You don't think he could take a 60k pay cut so a driver can have his route back right now? Don't kid yourself, they look after themselves, not the company.

    Currently our contract, at least in Alberta, says UPS can't give us 'unfair overtime'. It's never been determined what 'unfair overtime' is. It's a FLIMSY part of the contract at best.

    The joke at our depot used to be if you survived your probation period and were still around that's about 1 year seniority. I currently have 1 year senority and am halfway up on our seniority list. I don't know any other depot (except for Edmonton) like that.

    Our routes have not been relooped OR had a time study properly done on them since our, now depot manager, did them in 1980 something (not making this up, it's what I got from a steward the other day). Calgary has had the biggest increase in population growth in all of Canada for lots of years since then due to the oil fields being so close. Only people harder hit by the population growth was Edmonton.

    As to why Canadians have less stops on their car, this is what I think. We're not like the US where we build our cities UP (apartments, skyscrapers and such). We tend to build them OUT, this is why we have less stops on our vehicles (or so I surmise).

    I do agree our pension is needing a revamp. It's currently $50 a month for every year of service with UPS. HA! Good luck relying on that to survive off of in retirement. Most halfway decent companies up here, for a pension, usually go dollar for dollar. You put a dollar in the Canadian pension plan, they put a dollar in. This way too they can't dip in and take it back out later like all those lovely car companies did.

    We also don't get all the new toys the US do. Hell, up until about 7 months ago my depot was still using those old school diads. You know, the ones where you diad pen goes ABOVE the screen? Our biggest vehicle, other then the 5 ton, is the 1000 because we have 0 high level management in Calgary...Although they visit often enough to tell us how disappointed they are but how they're working so hard to fix it all (which they have finally fixed a lot of it but think that's only because our new building will break it all again, lol)

    Hmm, what else is there to rant about now...
    Oh, right! Why hasn't anyone played the smallest violin for me yet?! :angry:

    Also, for those of you drivers in Toronto I'm not trying to say I have it rougher then you guys, I just dunno what goes on in Toronto...or Ontario at all (like all Calgarians). I have heard your management is anal about rules out there. We're laid back out here. Hell, I remember my first backing up accident, we were so short staffed and NOBODY would cover the route I was doing, I was only given a letter of reprimand. I really was hoping for a suspension for a day off or two though :D
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    tell us how u really feel driver