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    As bizarre as it sounds, MEM is expecting MORE from us as they continue to decimate our pay and benefits. In fact, they are so clueless that they are attributing it to a lack of training rather than anything they have done, because, of course....they are infallible. MT3 is demanding "zero lates" when they cannot even cover the operation in many locations. They are prodding people WHO NO LONGER CARE to be more productive, when even the most idiotic among the hourlies realizes now that there is zero incentive to do anything but the minimum.

    WAD has taken hold, not so much because we have pushed it here, but because employees realize it is the logical course of action when dealing with unreasonable demands from a tyrannical employer. MEM is still in the "say it and it is so" mode, as in all they have to do is make a dictate and everything will be OK.

    Except it won't. It just gets better every day watching the clown circus of Frederick Smith & Thornton.
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    Smith and Thornton are not fit to run this operation properly. Thornton has always been clueless and relies on an iron fisted approach to hide it. Smith is way past his prime and proves to be more hateful year after year.
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    I challenge any of these 2 ride with me they will see our branding is thete no need for marketing dept! Ie FedEx cup arena stadium and any othet ridiculous advertising that's not needed! !!
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    Will save millions
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    None of the couriers at my station give a crap anymore. I thought the attitude of the couriers was really bad when I left my last station in CA, but my former coworkers tell me it has become far worse. MEM will continue to make people hate their life, while using the economy as an excuse for the crap they a shoveling.
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    Matthew Thornton III and Frederick smith can expect higher productivity all they want but they are NOT getting it from me. I have seen the light and now my only goal is to do as little as possible till the day I can escape this sinking ship.

    what they fail to realize is that we had some expectations of our own. A wage that keeps up with inflation, health care plans we can afford, a chance at a decent retirement to name a few.