What to do??? Grieve or accept???

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    In our terminal (Sea138) management decided to eleminate road runs & put these road driver on the local city drivers. They get put on the schedule regularly as regular start times but we have bid drivers that are on call while these drivers are working the city. When asked the steward about this issue, was told that these road drivers have seniority over the last 10% of the bottom local cartage, however, they are still given the work hours first before the bid drivers so the bid drivers are on call while these raod drivers are on the schedule daily. Why dont they just have them bid on routes & lay the bid drivers off??? I dont get it. So my question: What to do? Grieve it, let it go or see a competent attorney about this matter????? I would love to hear about other drivers in other terminals who might be in the same position as ours!:happy2:
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    road drivers can bump into city by seniority at terminal, these employees have changed job classification so regardless of their years of service at terminal they should be at the bottom of the city board, even if they re-bid they should be at the bottom of the board. i do believe if the moves effect more than 4 employee positions that a re-bid is required. that is what i heard when this happened at our terminal. our road drivers chose to layoff and collect unemployment
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    Always grieve it that's your right. What do you have to lose? This freight contract is so wishy washy. I keep hearing "that's not what it meant"
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    Your terminal added additional starts to Local Cartage, instead of forcing those displaced employee(s) into exercise their seniority and disrupting bids and start times, previously bid into by: at the time - current Local Cartage employee's.

    As long as their company seniority is above those considered in the 10% then, Yes! they have the right to work, based on the company eliminating the jobs and not the employee(s) making the change by choice!
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    Exhaust all intra-union remedies, prior to considering outside intervention...

    Irrational or hasty decisions and actions, could subject You to un-favorable consequence(s), if not handled in accordance to: the IBT Constitution and Your Locals Bi-Laws!
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    Only for those: without patience, and lacking the motivation and perseverance for making what We have work - not only for themselves... but, for others as well!
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    Big difference here!

    These are < displaced > employee's...

    A change in Job Classification was forced by the company, due to the elimination... and was not by: employee choice or preference!

    Their seniority prevails - just as it should!

    Sorry to disappoint You... :happy2:
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    TM said this about a coworker, has anyone else heard this phrase. " help needed worker " ​
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    Why, would I be disappointed by that?????:dissapointed:

    But i do believe you could be mistaken,

    Read your contract,

    ARTICLE 5, SECTION 1, (d) (e)



    Sorry to disappoint you:happy2: Seniority prevails with respect to layoffs
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    Could be... but, I'm not!

    And Your off subject...

    Everyone knows that; "Seniority prevails with respect to layoffs"... but, thank-you though!

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    Where are you?
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    He is from Tukwila, Wa. also known as the Seattle terminal. Sea/138.

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    Sweet a couple of Washington staters. I know where that is I trained there.
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    "Seniority prevails with respect to layoffs"

    It does not mean you dovetail into a change of job classification with your seniority. These employees go to the bottom of the local cartage board and if the change affects more than 4 positions then I believe a re-bid is required.

    Displaced or not these employees were (should have been) given the option of lay off or bump junior employees in local cartage board which is a change of job classification, whether these positions are dock work only or CDL positions, the people that are being bumped should be the MOST junior employees.

    That is what the language states in the contract. regarding SENIORITY, LAYOFFS and POSTING..... PEOPLE READ YOUR CONTRACT.... don't have one,... WHY NOT!!! ....get one, it can answer a lot of your questions. Don't rely solely on your stewards, they have a lot on their plates already and some (probably most) are still learning themselves.

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    Read all of The Contract and all of Article 40. This is just part of Article 40:

    ARTICLE 40
    3. In a Change of Operations affecting over-the-road drivers, the following language will apply: Whenever a service center is partially closed and the over-the-road work is transferred to or absorbed by another service center, all over-the-road drivers, in seniority order, will have the option of following the available work and have their seniority dovetailed in the new service center or be allowed to exercise their seniority in their present service center, and take whatever jobs become open as a result of other employees following the work or taking a layoff. If a senior over-the-road driver elects to take a job which has been transferred out, the displaced employee(s) will fill the vacated job(s) by seniority until the next bid.

    [1][/URL] UPS FREIGHT AGREEMENT Covering OVER-THE-ROAD And LOCAL CARTAGE OPERATIONS For the period of April 7, 2008 through July 31, 2013