What to do with incompetent loader?

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    Either he can't read numbers or he is just incompetent. I an newer so I have no weight to throw around but this new guy loads like he is blind folded. Nothing is in ts right place even the airs which drives me nuts. I have said something to him about and no results. I talked the driver on the left of me and he says "this is the worst loaded I ever had in 20 years!" So I know I'm not crazy. Sucks. I don't want to get him in trouble but he is getting me in trouble. Late airs.
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    Don`t worry. Soon he will be your center manager.
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    OK--back to the topic on hand---first of all, the best way to deal with the late airs is for you to load your own air. This way you know just how many you have and where they are on the car. Your center manager is only going to take the "they were in the load" excuse for so long before he starts going after you. As far as the load quality, what is the loader doing (or not doing) that is making your day more difficult? What improvements would you like him to make?
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    You need to not be so nice about it. You say you don't want to get him in trouble, but that YOU are getting in trouble.

    If he is doing a piss poor job of loading (his job) then he needs to be retaught, or canned...or as UPS goes promoted (when you suck at something, we'll just push you further up the ladder).

    I'm a cover driver, and there is a loader that loads 2 of the routes that I often run and whenever he does, he is HORRIBLE. Once he put 2 over 70's on the top shelf, while the smalls sat on the floor:knockedout: And I have gone to his boss before, and nothing changed. He loaded my truck yesterday and I puled an 11 hour day, as opposed to the SAME route when loaded by the loader who used to do it I tear up in under 9 hours.

    Your best bet, however is to talk to the guy and try to refrain from using the following words: Stupid, Incompetent, retarded, illiterate, Dumb. SOMEtimes, talking to them and asking them to put things n certain spots, will work. Now, they usually can't figure out EVERYTHING, but hey...baby steps. HAHA
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    One of the first things I learned on this job was not to piss off the loader. They can make or break your day. I take care of them at Christmas and will occasionally bring them water. If the need arises I will give them suggestions and/or advice but stop short of criticizing.
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    Exactly right, but the problem here is the loader is already breaking his day. This driver can't hold on to Christmas to get a decent load.
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    How you going to get him in trouble ??? Unless there are a lot of miss loads he isn't going anywhere. You say the air isn't in the right location is that it isn't in the 1000 section ???? or are some air loaded with bulk stops ??? If it your route then you can ask the loader to change the way he loads otherwise just deal with it.

    Even with the PAS you still need to stop and sort your stops a couple of times a day. If you expect your loader to load everything in sequence order your nuts. As long as it close and at the least in the section it is suppose to be in your should be happy.

    As other have said don't piss off the loader. He can make your life difficult by working as directed (ie by the numbers) that bulk stop that paled to the 1000 section will be in the 1000 section not in the back of the car.

    The loader isn't going to get in trouble unless he has a lot of miss loads.
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    I haven't sorted since going on PAS. Using your words--as long as it is close and at the least in the section it is supposed to be--why would you need to sort? You have a package count and approximate shelf location. Sorting defeats the purpose of PAS.
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    I'd start off with talking to the loader. Ask him to put over 70's on the floor,to PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE try and keep your sections together. I tell mine i KNOW he has a terrible job for low pay, i KNOW they are loading him down with too many trucks and volume to load. I try to be the nicest guy in the building and do what i can to get the loader on my side. Being confrontational aint gonna help here.Often your loader has no idea he isnt loading properly until you tell him/her,and simple communication often helps.Most of the time this works for me. My loader was awful when he started but thru daily non confrontational communication with him and praising him when the load was good has helped a great deal.
    Verify your air every morning before you leave,and if you cant find an air grab a supervisor be it part time or full time. let them look for the air,and if you cant find it BEFORE YOU LEAVE send a message via the diad that you are missing and air,as well as the supervisor you reported it to.
    hope this helps
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    I pull over and sort about 20 to 30 stops at a time it saves a lot of time instead of looking for the package at every stop. After I sort all I have to do is open the door and reach in and grab the next stop on the shelf either in the 1000 or 2000 section. I don't deliver from any other section when I sort I move everything to the 1000 or 2000 section. It might take a couple of minutes to sort the next 20 to 30 stops but it saves you a lot more than that. Even my SUP's says it saves a lot of time.
  14. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I respectfully disagree. They used to call that "massaging the load".

    When you are working Monday try to keep track of how much time you spend sorting--I would be it is at least 15 if not closer to 30 minutes. I can deliver one of my residential sections in 30 minutes.

    Again, I am respectfully disagreeing with this but if it works for you then more power to you. Dave.
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    I've preloaded a couple times when I've doubled. I hate it. I always seem to get the heaviest loads and the supervisors just kind of threw me in the fire. By the end of the sort the trailer is a heaping mess, because there's not enough room. The drivers came in bitching to me about the day before when I had nothing to do with it. Now whenever I double preload, its sort, unload or I wont do it. They can take their extra dollar.
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    You call it want you want Dave. My SUPs agree it saves time, give it a try sometime. Unless your edd is 100 perfect everyday and you loader is loading every package in sequential order your spinning your wheels looking for the package at every stop.

    Lets just agree to disagree and move on.
  17. UpstateNYUPSer

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    My EDD is about 98% perfect--my loader puts them pretty close to where they should be--my wheels only move forward.

    I personally think you are wasting your time.

    Have a nice weekend.

  18. UPSGUY72

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    Either way I'm getting paid.
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    LOL. come on Hoax even you don't really believe that do ya?
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    The first problem is that you are not verifying your air before you leave the building. I have the same problem, so I have the first half of section 1 and 2 devoted only to air. I go thru my commit time packages before I leave the building and verify that every package in EDD is in my truck. I put them all in order the way I will run them(the loader is not even close) and if I can't find one I send an ODS message before I ever leave the building as well as notify a preload sup. If I find it later send the ODS message telling them exactly where I found it the minute I find it. I have about 20-25 air stops a day with about 40-60 packages. I don't have anything sequenced in the 2000 section until 2500 so I have both shelves available for air. You need to cover your own ass and stop worrying about the preloader. Let them fix their own problems or you will be the one to suffer.
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