what to expect in 2010???

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  1. sosocal

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    what do you expect will happen at UPS in 2010 that is interesting, noteworthy, or a change in direction?
  2. Monkey Butt

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    On January 7th I believe there will many announcements that will affect many UPSers ... some considerably and others not much really.
    Don't know what will be announced on January7th but it could be:
    1) Consolidation of 20 or so districts.
    2) Consolidation of 3 Regions
    3) Some type of buyout of affected staff managers (Level 18) and higher.
    4) Many people leaving the company because they do not want to move to where job will be.

    What do you think P-Man?
  3. I have a friend that is a former Corporate F&A guy in ATL that's connected and he informed me that there is a possible 3) coming.
    He also said we're planning on laying off about 400 AMT's and bringing in some AMT's from Singapore.
    4) has been going on for years in the Airline.
  4. UPS Lifer

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    Great topic for a thread! I think UPS is going to see a better bottom line. The economy is still tenuous but improving and if it continues UPS will compare very very well to last year's stats.

    BUT - If the volume starts to grow rapidly there will be the growing pains that come with it. It is easier to cut-back then it is to grow and what usually happens is a lag which hits the front line. (management and non-management alike)
  5. Since Scott Davis is not a "Traditional UPSers", but apparently a Techno-Guy, do you think we're going to merge with Microsoft or Intel? They both have said they're interested in Acquisitions; Mergers and Expansion.

    Makes some sense to me. Probably will never happen; but.....
  6. upsgrunt

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    It has always seemed to me that UPS is quick to cut, but not so quick to add. The gains have to show longevity before they allow for more expenditures, but declines have instant response.
  7. randomUPSISer

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    5) Continued layoffs within the organization. Package Handlers, Management, part time employees, IT, etc etc. Across the board.
    6) Accelerated exodus of the talented in those affected areas while the "near retirement" and "undesirable" hang on.
    7) Failure of the IT outsourcing effort and a dramatic scale back from "maintenance and development will be outsourced" to "only maintenance of applications which dont have much to do" (Since that appears to be the only attempts actually working?)

    We'll see I guess. I really hope for a rise in the economy, for EVERYONE's sake!
  8. No opinions on our new CEO or creative alliances???
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  9. grgrcr88

    grgrcr88 No It's not green grocer!

    We need a new CEO!! Although Mr. Davis seems to be a well respected business man, he does not seem to understand the formula that has brought UPS the success we have enjoyed for many, many years.


    The change from service first to numbers, and production leading the parade has caused as much of our downfall as the slugish economy.
  10. pretzel_man

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    The consolidations is a lock. I heard that announcement is on the 4th.

    There is definitely a video announcement on the 7th. That is for sure. Most people are betting that its a buyout. If so, I guess that's good for you.

    On a note that I don't like, (at least not yet), Sales / Marketing is hiring many people from the outside. Many are being hired at the division manager level.

  11. pretzel_man

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    There is a MYTH here that service is poor. Service measured objectively is at an all time high.

    Find someone who has access to SEAS and take a look at the service levels. Hub missorts are approaching 1 per 2500. That's incredible.

    Of course, we are spending a lot of money to make the service good. People are digging into trailers to find missorts. There are shuttle runs everywhere at great expense, but service is definitely higher.

    The only MIP element that was accomplished was service.

  12. pretzel_man

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    The one to watch is Google...
  13. grgrcr88

    grgrcr88 No It's not green grocer!

    Yoe people and your numbers!!! You cannot measure service with a computer, sure you may be on time and less missorts and so on but the service in the end comes from the drivers. The problem now is we have no chance to make the personal connections with the customers that we used to. People would pay a bit more because they knew their driver, trusted their driver, hell I have been to weddings of my customers, even been in weddings of my customers.

    Fact is now if I spend the time to say anything more than Hello, please sign for this. I am "stealing time".

    I assure you, without the personal touch, people will 100% of the time go with the cheaper option.(Which ain't UPS)
  14. slantnosechevy

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    Not to mention graduation parties, Christmas parties, cookouts, etc.,etc.
    Well said grgrcr88 !!!!
  15. satellitedriver

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    Words of wisdom, Lifer.
    The SOP of UPS.
    Reactive, instead of proactive.
    As to the future, all I can say is
    " bring it on".
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    I didn't realize that a hub going 1/2500 was good. Where I work, you would be the worst work area in the building if your missort frequency was 1/2500. I guess that does go to show how much service has improved (in that regard) over the years. Also, we are much more aggressively trying to take care of damages before they get to the preload. Well, all of them except Land's End boxes!
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    A huge attack on overallowed!!!!.........People will lose there job because of overallowed
  18. Pacman

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    I expect to see more of the inanity we see today on a grander scale.
  19. Buffaloaf

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    Does that mean that there is going to be more volume? :funny:
  20. pretzel_man

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    Ok... At least now I understand you point.... And you are right, I am just looking at numbers.

    I do not know if customers now feel that the driver has no time to make "personal connections". Maybe you are right. However, surveys to our customers still rate our drivers as the highest element of UPS.

    Even if you feel the customers no longer know you, surveys say that they still love our drivers. Are you right and that will change? I don't know.