what to wear for tour

Discussion in 'Introductions and Welcomes' started by ladybug12, Sep 30, 2018.

  1. ladybug12

    ladybug12 New Member

    I am going to the tour tomorrow for ups , i honestly don't know what to wear. and i never got a phone call from them, should i be worried?
  2. Christian M

    Christian M Member

    Take some pants t shirt and steel toe boots. You typically stand out to them when you come with boots instead of tennis shoes. And just go in with questions .
  3. ladybug12

    ladybug12 New Member

    I don't have steel toe boots, the closes thing i have to steel toe boots are my timberlands. would that work
  4. Elmo.goes.to.prom

    Elmo.goes.to.prom Active Member

    Go in wearing what you would wear to the job. Boots, tshirt, jeans/shorts. Hair tied back. Yes, you can wear a hat.

    Timberlands are fine.
  5. ladybug12

    ladybug12 New Member

    oh okay thank you.i have never been through this type of "interview" before.