What to wear to work? Tonight is my 1st night..HELP!

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by uks2h, Jul 16, 2007.

  1. uks2h

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    I know this is probably a silly question, but I am starting as a loader tonight and I don't really know what to wear. I'm planning on wearing some Dickies work shorts that i got at Wal-Mart, and a plain white Hanes tee.

    I just know it will be hot and was trying to think of something plain but yet clean cut to wear. I am worried that I might have to wear a collared shirt or something?

    Can anyone tell me any advice?
  2. rushfan

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    If they are putting you to work tonight, That would be the thing to wear. Wear boots/sturdy work shoes. Bring something to carry water in as it will be hot....good luck.
  3. Y923

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    If it's your first night of work, you'll probably be in cornerstone training where you sit in a classroom and read booklets and watch videos. In that case, where anything. Otherwise, wear whatever you want as long as you have good boots. I wear Dickies shorts and a t-shirt, works great. Bring water too.
  4. clockrider

    clockrider brown did nothing 4 me

    I would not wear a "good shirt" because you are going to be dirty and it could possibly get snagged, pulled or torn. I can't tell you how many decent shirts i ruined before i got smart...LOL. T shirts and shorts, my friend, water jug, and good sturdy, leather shoes with preferably a non-slip sole....all good advice from previous posters.
  5. RozUPS

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    They do have you work in the operations for the last hour or so each day the first week during training to help get you aclimated to your job Get some dark colored tees as the white one will get trashed.. Drink a large Gatorade b4 you go in to get you hydrated Good Luck
  6. lost

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    Well my friend everyone ekse has already told you, shorts, and t-shirt. You should be in cornerstone for the most part. If you want white to stay that way dont wear it to work. The 2 things that can't be said enough is GOOD work shoes sturdy upper leathers and non-slip soles, plenty of water and gotorade. Good luck
  7. browniehound

    browniehound Well-Known Member

    Ahhh. This talk about cornerstone training and what to wear to work for your first week brings back memories of when I first started. They were fond memories (seriously) for the most part.

    I started around this time of year in the hub, so it was hot. I was flat broke and had no shorts so I cut a pair of sweat-pants to make some shorts. I also used a pair of batting-gloves to protect my hands, which lasted all of 3 days before they were destroyed!

    Man, I really enjoyed that job. I was about 30 pounds over weight and lost most of it before I made senoirity. I remember going to my "pre senoirity" meeting and the shirt I was wearing was completely wet from sweat. It was like i dived into a pool with my shirt on, LOL.

    This is why I am totally grateful for my job at UPS and I take nothing for granted. When I started I had about $33 dollars in the bank. I was making $8.50 and hour and working about 4.5 hours a day. Thankfully I lived in my mother's basement.

    But within 2 years from that point, I had a full-time position and then a full-time driving position. I went from $8.50 per hour to 28 bucks come Aug. 1st and making $70,000 anually.

    So to all you guys in the hub, stick it out and, you too can live a comfortable life someday.

    The only problem I have with the job is what its doing to my body. Management doesn't bother me. The hours don't bother me. People might piss me off now and then, but for the most part I like talking with customers during the day. I also enjoy being outdoors, save for the 5 or 6 snowstroms we have here the norteast.

    The thing I can't handle though is the way my body feels EVERY day. It seems the worst at my first stop. It takes me about 30 min. to get on route and I really feel like crap when I get out to make that first stop.

    Anyone have any suggestions on how to deal with everyday body pain?
    If I feel this way in my 30's how am I going to feel in my 50's?
  8. Overpaid Union Thug

    Overpaid Union Thug Well-Known Member

    I started in February and it was very cold so I had an old Green Bay Packers hoodie (this was before our beloved Tennessee Titans came to town), an old Adidas t-shirt, old Silver tab pants, and Timberland boots. I expected a rought night but ended up getting assigned to Smalls permanently so I started wearing my regular clothes to work. About 4 months later I came in to work and was sent down to a PD to work until the smalls belt filled up. Big mistake! I didn't start wearing my good clothes again until I had enough seniority so that I wouldn't be one of the people sent down to a PD or a quad/unload area when smalls wasn't slammed. One thing that people don't realize about smalls is that all the heat in the building rises up to that area. It may not be as hot as the inside of trailer or package car but it's still pretty hot. I liked smalls though. We could even get away with wearing tennis shoes.
  9. Raw

    Raw Raw Member

    That depends, are you a man or a woman? Or something in between?
  10. LKLND3380

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    T Shirt are fine but I would go with a darker color...

    Get a small cooler with some ic and bring 4 to 6 bottles of water... You should go through 1 1/2 bottles per hour... You can go with Gatorade but I choose a 24 pack of Dasani at Wal Mart for $4.00

    Stretch about 5 minutes prior to start time...

    You may want to bring an extra shirt so you don't mess up your car seats when you go home after work...
  11. DorkHead

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    Browniehound, I have gone through the same as you. I am 48 and have chosen the following guidelines.
    Advil in the morning
    NO caffiene at all
    No alchohol - except Fridays and Saturdays
    6 to 8 hours of sleep per night
    stretch every morning
  12. 3mhec2uks2h

    3mhec2uks2h Guest

    You definitely won't ever have to wear a collared shirt as a loader. You've taken a grunt job that's out of public sight so appearance is a very low priority and a dress code other than safety things like good work boots basically doesn't exist.

    For your first week where you are partly in training class, partly loading, wear a tshirt that's in decent shape but not one you really care about since it will get at least a little dirty if you're loader material, and getting torn is always a possibility.

    You are right, its going to be hot. Once you're outta training class and working for hours in the heat, look at what other guys who care little about what they look like and a lot about being good (fast) and even a little comfortable or sometimes just survive come to work wearing. Some loaders and unloaders have become very clean cut by wearing old worn cut up tshirts. Those rags, um, I mean tshirts sometimes hardly cover anything, but when time is ticking away and there seems to be more cardboard anyplace other than in the trailers where it belongs, most sups I have found would definitely rather have a working, faster loader who's hardly wearing anything above the top of his boxers, than a slower loader, who might even be recovering in the a/c office from the heat, or called in sick and totally absent for the day.
  13. lost

    lost Member

    We actually have guys show up in pajama bottoms, If you got work shoes and are breathing thats all they really care about
  14. Cementups

    Cementups Box Monkey

    Good shoes and clothes you dont care about ruining, pain and simple!
  15. dirty moose

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    If the dickies are to heavy go with gym shorts, thats what i always wore and some BS t shirts, toward the end of me loading i had enough UPS t shirts to fill the week up.

    Steel toe boots, they might be heavy but im sure i would have had a broken toe or 7 if i didn't have them.

    And the most important!
    GLOVES!!!! I used the cloth ones with the rubber around them, they were something like 10 pairs for $10. Guy in the hub sold em
    Protect your hands from dirt and paper cuts!! they are worse when they come from cardboard.
  16. 3mhec2uks2h

    3mhec2uks2h Guest

    Are they wearing anything at all above their waist? I've either seen or worn tshirts with sleeves removed and sides cut open like down to the waist and tshirts that don't quite reach the waist. I've also either seen or worn shorts with like at least the upper 6 inches of boxers showing (the belts with the scanners tend to pull down on you) and old cutoff jeans with large holes from all the wear. I've also both witnessed and personally taken off my sweat drenched tshirt quicker than the door on the airconditioned guard shack swung closed after my shift and driven home that way. But I have not seen pajama bottoms yet nor have I worked or seen anybody else work in the hub without some minimal amount of cloth above their waistline though I must say there have been days I was seriously tempted to try.
  17. MR_Vengeance

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    wear a wet rag over your face , youe nose and lungs will thank you for it.
  18. Lobofan5

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    OMG PERFECT ANSWER!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Sad, but true.
  19. Cole

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    Wear clothes you don't mind ruining, because they will be useless after awhile. Also wear solid shoes so you don't get hurt if you drop something on your foot etc...

    Welcome to Hell!! LOL
  20. lost

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    Yeah they wear shirts just like you described.