What Were They Thinking?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by scratch, Apr 23, 2008.

  1. scratch

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    Recently, My Hub has had three Package Drivers fired.

    First one was a "Runner". He had two years in and would drive split routes. He would have a big grin on his face when I saw him at the fuel pump at 4:30 PM finishing up with us that run EAMs before our regular routes. Anyways, he hits a mailbox and doesn't call it in. He tells the homeowner he will fix it himself and he thinks he is safe. He sent his 77 year old mother out to do it and the homeowner calls UPS. Haven't seen him the last six weeks.

    The second guy backs into a Mercedes when parking in an office complex. He goes in and tells the owner, who for some reason that I don't understand, just tells him "to not worry about it", and doesn't even come out and look at his car. Our three year driver has had another "unreported", and doesn't call this one in either. Car owner calls UPS later in the day and wants to know when his car will get fixed. Our driver is fired but gets his job back after our Division and Center Managers interview the car owner and lets our driver have another chance with about 5-6 weeks of lost pay.

    The third one is a doozy, this happened last week and I'm still not sure of all the details. Fifteen year employee in my work group has a reputation for milking the clock and going over 9.5 everyday. Personally, he is a nice guy, wife and four kids. Anyway, somehow he cons a newer driver to take his DIAD and a split and run them for him. The veteran driver sticks out like a sore thumb when a member of the management team notices him back at the Center at 5 PM instead of 7 or 8. The newby driver clocks him out over an hour later. The next day, his DIAD and ending milage don't quite add up. Hes gone, I don't know what they will do to the other guy.

    Sometimes I wonder about some of my co-workers. The first two would have been fine if they had of just picked up the phone and called. The third one I am sure is in deep water. I don't expect him back. Folks, just do the right thing, its as simple as that. :slap:
  2. Fnix

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    Know a driver who is suspended for 1 year because he waited 1-3 days before reporting hitting a mailbox.
  3. Jones

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    Yeah, with accidents or any type of property damage your best bet is always to call in and let someone know, even if you plan on taking care of it yourself.

    That last incident you posted is just crazy, I cannot imagine what he was thinking to try and pull a stunt like that. 15 years too, you would think he would know better.
  4. dcdriver

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    always report any kind of accidents no matter how little. The other driver is just a DUMB :censored2: he should not get his job back.
  5. outta hours

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    We had a 15 yr. guy fired 1 day before he was to go into feeders. He was paying a helper out of his pocket year round to work with him. The helper was a high school kid who evidently had been working with the driver for 2 years.
  6. upsdude

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    A division manager told me a long time ago that trust is the key. He said he didn't really care what the person did wrong. If he could still trust them they had a chance to keep their job.

    As far as accidents go remember this, we live in a You Tube world, you better fess up. Make sure the camera tells the same story you are telling.
  7. Cementups

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    We have a driver that used to have the evening OMS punch him out after he was gone over an hour. He would skip his lunch and put it in his board at the end of the day and the OMS would punch him out later so he could go home. I'm not sure hy but it doesn't happen anymore.
  8. soberups

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    Of the three drivers you described, the first and the third most definately deserve to get fired. By their actions they showed an intent to decieve, to hide the truth, to be dishonest. Such an employee cannot be trusted.
    The second case is tougher. The customer told him not to worry about it. The driver showed very poor judgement in not calling it in, but from what you describe he didnt try to hide anything either. A suspension is warranted in his case, in my opinion.
  9. satellitedriver

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    My post is not against you. I get the drift of what you are saying.
    What bothers me is the concept of denial. If you can't prove I did it, then it is like I have no responsibility for my actions.
    I truly know now that I am a relic of the past, when "You Tube" can supplant my conscience in knowing what is right and what is wrong.
    In my mind, there are only two types of lies one can tell.
    Lie to others or lie to oneself.
  10. upsdude

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    I agree.

    I was trying to drop a hint to folks that may think "hey, no one is looking".
  11. feeder53

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    I feel that it is part of my ethics and work values to report even the smallest incident. There is always somebody watching, but the one that matters the most is me, I am responsible. Itbuilds your respect in the eyes of those we report to.