What will it like if you apply for both full time specialist and FT supervisor?

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    Will they offer you both the position and give you two assessment?
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    I don't understand your question.
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    In the mapp there is 4 options: pt sup, ft specialist, ft sup, and both ft specialist and ft sup. So I just wonder what will they do if you apply for both.
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    I hope for your sake that none of the options include spelling, grammar and/or sentence structure.
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    I'm still lost?? Anybody?? Anybody??
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    It is one assessment... Your score will "qualify" you to continue on through the process, PT Sup ends at this step. If you are applying for Full Time Supervisor the next step is the inbox process. You will only be offered a PT Supervisor position if you are currently in the part time ranks. Your decision on this should be based on your own personal reasoning but I would advise you if you are a part timer to consider how close you are to full time driving you are as being full time gives you an easier path to full time management.
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