What would you do in my situation - Dry Van OTR w/ HazMat & TT please read and reply.

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    Dear BrownCafe,

    I am a package handler, have been since February, my bosses seem to like me, I am pretty well used everywhere at our location. I am newer, but I am not the newest. And apparently most of the people above me in seniority who could bump me don't want to be drivers.

    I am also a college student. I have a couple semesters in and I am halfway through using a scholarship I have. I also have made the decision I don't like my major enough and I want to do what I wanted to do out of high school, but if I go that route, my scholarship will dry up in a couple semesters and I will not complete the degree without taking out a number of loans and when I get the degree I don't know where I would have to go to get a job.

    My girlfriend is a college student. She has much better grades then me. She wants to go to grad school (dental) and it is expensive, but she is much closer to getting into grad school then I am to getting done with my degree. Once out of grad school, she would be making a LOT of money. Orthodontist is her dream job.

    But... she is scared of the amount of loans she would have to take out to go to dental school and is considering giving it up.

    But if she got through school and did not have half of her loans left to pay off, she could afford (out of pocket!) to send me to school to finish the degree I would want to do.

    So my dilemma.

    There is a Dry Van OTR job listed for our area. I have never driven a truck, in fact I have never owned a stick shift before. But I have 3 months till I am 21 and if no one else wants this job cause you have to be gone 1-3 weeks at a time. If my girlfriend goes to grad school, I will probably only see her that often anyways. If I tried to get this job I would have ~2000 in debt of my own that I would have to pay off. That is it. And then the rest of the money could go towards... everything else. This is the only acceptable time in my life for me to take this job, I don't have a family, I don't see people very often anyways, and I am interested in seeing the world even if it is only as I drive past it doing my job.

    This seems like it would allow for me to allow my girlfriend what she wants to do, maintain a great financial standings, and eventually allow me to do what I want.

    But I don't know much about this option, and I want to ask you guys who would/do.

    So the questions are:

    1) How realistic do you think it would be for me to be able to get trained in the next 3 months and be able to get that job once I was 21? Are there a lot of UPS drivers dying to bid for this kind of job?

    2) My girlfriend doesn't want me to die. Will I fall over a mountain to my doom if I take this job?

    3) Anything else you can give me/any insight regarding this prospect.

    Thank you in advanced, please primarily post to me (the OP) and keep the bickering low as this is something that could be a big decision in my life and I need to be confident in the information I collect when making it.
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    Dry van OTR guys generally do not make much dough. If there is a FE Ground terminal near you, you could try a contractor with them. It is almost all overnight linehaul and the money is slightly better.

    The best jobs in the driving industry are at UPS and doing heavy/specialized hauling. Many of those guys make more than UPS guys.
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    @barnyard - What is your definition of not making "much dough"? Cause currently I make between $80.00 and $150.00 a week. So... we may have significantly different definitions of dough.