What would you do? (multiple choice)

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  1. T-Bone

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    You are delivering in a large, multiple building apartment complex. Kids everywhere. Lots of speed bumps and parked cars so you can't go more than 5-10mph. Some kids think it would be fun to jump on your rear bumper as you roll around the complex. In your OVC, you see some kids about to hop on while you are moving. What do you do?
    a) Speed up so they can't catch you
    b) Hit brakes and let them run into back of package car
    c) Maintain speed so they get their ride and jump off when you stop (whenever that may be)
    d) something else
  2. Jackburton

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    Stop the truck before they get on. Inform them that it is illegal to hop on the back of your vehicle. Do this in a very firm, authoritative voice. If they continue stop your truck, send a message via DIAD that you are contacting law enforcement, call the law in front of them and take photos. This will stop and prevent future occurrences from happening. This is the safest and most professional way to do it. I hope you don't consider doing any of your multiple choices for your and the idiot kids safety.
  3. DS

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    Stop the truck on the spot.Inform them that it may seem like fun but it can be dangerous.
    Show them the back up camera that ups installed in the trucks because children were being killed doing this.
    Shoot them a couple of packs of info notices and tell them in a very clear Ron Hubbard type voice,.....don't ever mess with me again.
  4. bham brown

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    It would seem as though you should hit your brakes and stop.. But if you think about it, the kids are running toward your truck... When you hit the brakes the kids will more than likely run into the bumper.. That's a tough one to call.
  5. UpstateNYUPSer

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    We had a driver delivering at a local school who had this happen to here. This was before we had cameras so she didn't see them. When she accelerated one of the kids lost their balance, fell off and got hurt. The kid was brought to the hospital. The driver went there after getting off the road to make sure the kid was OK and the kid's mom was there. She yelled at the kid and made him apologize to our driver.

    If this happens to you I would suggest you stop the car and politely but firmly tell them to stay away from the PC.
  6. superballs63

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    My initial choice would be B, however I realize that may not be the best way to handle it, so I would stop the truck and turn it off. After about 30 seconds of sitting there, the kids will become bored and leave.

    If they don't, then I agree with everyone else that you should get out, and tell them to knock it off, and if they continue to do it I'd "call" 911 in front of them and try to find their parents.
  7. Indecisi0n

    Indecisi0n Well-Known Member

    d) Wait until they jump on, hit the gas and head for the highway.
  8. barnyard

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    When it happens to me, I hit the brakes and lay on the horn. I have never had a kid run into the back of my car.
  9. speeddemon

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    E) Beat down time.
  10. ups1990

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    I usually stop the vehicle and as has been posted earlier, firmly tell them this is potentially dangerous behavior. If this happens at complexes, my next action is to inform the manager to what took place, this gives the manager an opportunity to manage and yell at some of tenants.
  11. Johney

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    This happened to me one time while delivering an apt complex. When returning to the truck I could see the young kids off to the side looking at the back of the truck. As I got in started the engine,waited for the camera to come up and sure enough there are three of them on the bumper. I shut the truck off walk through the in side and fling the rear door up to three scared faces. I walked them to the cab showed them the rear camera and told them it was recorded and the police will be contacting their parents. One started crying his dad was gonna kick his :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: if he got in trouble. I said don't jump on UPS trucks and you won't get in trouble. I'm sure they sweated that for a couple of days.
  12. cachsux

    cachsux Wah


    All this talk of "speaking firmly in an authoritative voice" and " showing them the camera and threatening to call the cops". What kind of "Leave it to Beaver" neighborhoods do you deliver to? Try that on the south side of Chicago and I hope you dialed 911 before you started all of it so that the ambulance will be there as soon as possible to treat your stab wounds if your lucky or bullet wounds if your not.
  13. TUT

    TUT Well-Known Member

    Wait until you have flash mobs flood into your truck while you are delivering and take all your packages. It's coming soon.
  14. Theredeemer

    Theredeemer New Member

    If you sat there for 30 seconds, wouldn't that be considered "stealing time?"
  15. over9five

    over9five Moderator Staff Member

    I was thinking that too. Those kids must have laughed their little butts off at you guys!!!!!
  16. klein

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    Happened to me, too, and I caught it, just as I moved the truck... I stopped immediatly (not sharp on the breaks, since I really didn't need to), and they just hopped off themselves, because they noticed I was just about to leave my door.

    And, I must add, thanks to the great UPS Safe driving training, and getting the Big Picture, it would have been a different outcome without it.

    (You know you seen 3 kids on the street, and suddenly they disapeared, so you double check where they went)... That's the Big Picture ! :)

    Thanks UPS !
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  17. moreluck

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    I almost thought you were going to say shoot them a couple of packs of cigarettes!!
  18. Jackburton

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    Like I've said before, l deliver in rural/pockets of money houses. Generally these kids mean no harm and are just being "kids". If I had bad areas that you speak of I might handle it differently as well.
  19. 728ups

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    I wouldnt talk to the kids,or do anything confrontational. The company will NEVER EVER side with you in a conflict,so call the police and message the center you are doing so.
  20. T-Bone

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    Good point. I think it depends on where you are. In some places, you don't want to confront anybody. I have done both a) and b) before and I have also told kids to "get away from the truck" many times to try to avoid the situation altogether. Most places they listen, some they don't. The ones that don't get to kiss the back of the truck.