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  1. Puppy Trucker

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    Just curious what would you do if you owned a company that was losing money in one of it's divisions ? I would think most of you would try to make it profitable. If that meant diverting business to another part of the company and scaling back the losing division, that's what should be done. These are not government jobs and not guaranteed. Sure everyone wants a secure job,great benefits and pensions but in reality these are lottery jobs. If a company does not make money why would you continue, just to provide a job? Yes, I am a contractor and it is tough to make a profit if you don't watch every area of your business. Businesses are formed to make a profit, that's the whole idea, and yes they better care about making money or they won't be in business long.
  2. Mr. 7

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    I agree, let's dump Kinkos. They've cost us money since day 1.
  3. Puppy Trucker

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    Great place to start.
  4. StuffItFred

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    Let's also dump the lucrative multi million dollar Nascar sponsorship! Since we are all about PSP. And also all about OUR employees.
  5. MrFedEx

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    Sounds like he's talking about Express.
  6. MrFedEx

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    Please add the golf tournament, FedEx Field, and Fred's newest children...the pandas.
  7. I Am Jacks Damaged Box

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    And FedEx Forum; home of the Memphis Grizzlies...even though their record is better than ours this year.
  8. He could be talking about Express but nothing is more of a failure than Kinko's. It's a bloated, shell of a company. Everyone is waiting for buyouts. There's no business so hopefully it happens.


    I tell you exactly what I woulnd't do: give my CEO a 13.7M raise, (or to myself for that matter). That would be a good start...
  10. The company is garbage. FedEx used to have a stellar reputation, loyal customers and loyal employees. The opposite is true now. A good word for how people feel is despise.
  11. MrFedEx

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    Freddie spent $2B to re-brand Kinko's as FedEx Office, and everyone still calls it Kinko's. What does that tell you?

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    What you fail to understand PT is that Express is not losing money. It is still very profitable, just not as profitable as before. And not because of the wages and benefits it pays its workers, which is far below its biggest competitor. But because of the failed leadership of the top executives of this company starting with Fred Smith himself. These idea's listed in this thread would be the right start to making us more profitable. Your idea of shifting more freight to ground only exacerbates the problem. Combining Express and Ground would also make the company more efficient and there wouldn't be this discussion of diverting business. But we all know that is not likely and the reasons . The benefits we get are not even close to what government jobs get so there is no comparison. If a company wants to attract good, hard working, loyal workers, they have to offer a benefit package. Otherwise these type of workers go elsewhere. You ever notice that hardly anyone leaves ups. I wonder why? So to answer your question, I would do the right thing.
  13. It tells me it's an Epic Fraud Failure Collapse. There's a video of the COO saying, "customers don't know we do printing." It's priceless that they spent 2.4BB on a printing company and no one knows it's a printing company. So stupid.
  14. CJinx

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    That public perception is a fickle beast?
  15. STFXG

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    People still call it federal express. Rebranding takes a long time when you try to change the name of a service or product that's been standardized or generally accepted.

    MAKAVELI Well-Known Member

    On that note, there are a lot of customers that don't know the difference between Express and Ground and don't care. It's all FedEx to them.
  17. Schlepper

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    Yep, like when someone follows my HD van around for 30 minutes to hand me an Express package. If it's an envelope, I'll just take it to a dropbox. Not worth the 3 minutes and resultant confusion of explaining to them that I can't take that package.
  18. Grounded

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    Ack... Drives me nuts that people who work for FedEx still call it Kinkos, haha. But yes, every experience I've had with FedEx Office has been sub-par. I'm always confused about some of the peoples opinions on here, I'm ground so all I see is success all around in my district.
  19. whenIgetthere

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    I had someone who approached me at in an office building last week to see if I would take their ground package. I told then no, but also told them how to get to FXO (about a half mile from where we were), and this person said "you mean Kinkos". I was laughing my a-- off all the way back to my truck!
  20. It's hilarious. COO, Kim Dixon is on video saying that customers don't know we do printing 9 years after they paid 2.4BB for it and then rebranding costs and the hundreds of millions it spills out in losses every year. This is all financed by the other OPCOs profits. The value of the packages is worthless because it's not and never will be profitable or break even. The funniest part is they refuse to fix it and run around talking about how great everything is. Get out your broom, because it's a mess.