What would you have done?

quad decade guy

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Battery goes down?
Drop/ Lose or break your "smart" phone.
No cell coverage in your area?
Literally, 5yrs ago a young driver 25yrs old recognized me on the side of the highway and asked me how far was it to a certain town.
I said it was 7 miles in the other direction he was traveling.
He got pissy and said the GPS told him to drive west.
It was about 5 o'clock and the sun was setting behind his back.
I asked him what direction does the sunset and I swear he said I do not know.
Even this old man has a "smart" phone, but when I travel I literally have paper/atlas maps that show all roads in the states I am traveling through.
Sadly, most people under 25 do not know how to read a map, or which direction to hold it to find North.

In sleepers...I bought a dedicated trucker GPS......the extra take home $1000 each week made it affordable....I still own it so an investment(like my 2 wheeler)(flame on).....still not right and is shameful by UPS.

Now we both had phones and used them quite routinely on a daily basis to alternate/check stuff...

If all that went to poop....?

UPS is 100% tone deaf/obtuse to any of this. Always has been.

Which makes a new pkg driver making his packet all the more impressive.


I meant in the country, city boys don't belong in this thread
I grew up on a rural route, and I've run a few rural routes, so I know the terrain well - a decent driver would still learn the area within a week or two. Pretty much every route has a few addresses that don't make logical sense or are simply unmarked, with nothing nearby to make inferences from.