Whats a Grievance, and how to use?

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  1. I read lots of posts about Grievance this & grievance that. Based on what I read it seams like a Powerful tool, but what exactly is it and how is it used? I don't want to ask my Sup about it.

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    A Loyal Teamster or in this case, a Lotal Teamster would already know the answer to this question!
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    It's pretty much the same as a resignation letter.
  4. can you provide more info please?

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    A grievance is filed when a situation between Employer and Employee is a violation of contractional language or ones rights. Your shop steward has the form and he or she should sit down with you and figure which article to file under.
    then you date and time stamp it and sign it. You receive a copy and then within 5 to 7 days you have a sit down with Steward and manager. If not resolved the next meeting is with your BA and manager. If it is denied there must be grounds of denial then goes to Labor relations in your District. If denied you can go to panel hearing when they are held in your region.

  7. so does it have to be an ongoing violation? is there $$$$$$$ involved ?
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    So does it have to be an ongoing violation?


    Is there $$$$$$$ involved ?


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    To use your grievance power, go to HR after work and tell them you want to " file for resignation"
    It's a technical term used in labor unions, means the same thing. Then head home and wait by the phone for 5-7 days.
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    Ask your steward, the person that you signed up with to be a Loyal Teamster.
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  17. "Does OP even work for UPS?"
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