What's a Pt cover driver

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by East coast navy, May 20, 2013.

  1. East coast navy

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    My bud is in another local near mine. He says he is a Pt cover driver. We do not have those in my local.
  2. We have them. By contract, they're called "Temporary Cover Drivers". For us, they have the same rights as a FT driver, but no pension, only guaranteed 3.5 hours of inside work and no 9.5 protection.
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    A worker who is classified as a part time worker who works to cover vacations/call ins that the unassigned full time drivers are unable to fill due to the demand of extra bodies. Its a scam IMO but there I'd a clause that if said part time worker works 200 reports in a year UPS is required to add another full time employee the following year. My hub recently added 20+ such positions due to the 200 punch clause and retirements.
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    A total rip off. These guys get screwed worse than part timers.
  5. East coast navy

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    I have lots of questions. Can he bid on a route. And I read his local supplment and it said he is guaranteed 8 hours for showing up if he wants to work and if he is laid off he can displace two loaders to get 8 hours, at what the top loader in the bldg makes. What other info is there.
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    I'm so glad are local told the company to take that Sheet off the table.
  7. For us, if he is called in, he's guarenteed 8 hours at his driver rate. He can make top rate if he's done with progression. If there is no work, you must work inside at your inside rate. Any FT driver bid is open to all FT drivers, PT drivers. FT seniority trumps PT seniority. When a route goes up to bid(due to a vacancy, retirement, termination, etc), one person takes that bid, then a person can take his bid, then on the third bid, its goes to the PT covers exclusively.
  8. One really :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: deal about it is that you can be forced to cover for the air driver, at your air progression rate. Your inside rate may be $20/hour and you get $12.5 for driving air.
  9. East coast navy

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    So can he bid into Ft driver or is he stuck At Pt cover driver.
  10. PT covers aren't bids. If he takes a bid, he's FT. We don't have FT cover drivers.
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    this sounds like a terrible position..why would anyone sign up for that? sounds like all the BS of driving without the full benefits. am i missing something?
  12. UpstateNYUPSer

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    You mean other than the increase in pay and potential to become a FT driver?
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    So would you rather someone from the street as a summer and peak casual? Shouldn't it be our own people? In my building, the PTers put their names on a list, they have to guarantee them a full weeks work at a time, the time they accrue will come off their progression.
  14. We have the same progression rules as FT drivers. Your progression continues whether you drive or not, but we're guaranteed work one day at a time.
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    What increase in pay? Everyone has the potential to be a FT driver. Seniority rules.
  16. AlwaysChafed

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    Part-timers get the shaft. They are so quick to call you in at 755 to be in at 8 (when not scheduled) and then they throw you away the following week. "Sorry, you're laid off."
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    Must be why I have never seen one.
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    Let's say a PT has five years working inside. Makes about 14 an hour with a 3.5 guarantee.... or 250 for the week. If he cover drives he'll get an 8 hour guarantee @ 27.50 to start. If he drives for 9.5 hours he banks 280.... that's hard to pass up. Come peak they will drive for about 6 weeks everyday. Not the best circumstances but better than nothing.... especially in a small building that has 1 or 2 FT spots a year open up.
  19. stink219

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    Nice post. We usually have about 5 covers in each of the 4 centers in our building. 20 inside PTers now have the chance of Driving up to 24 weeks a year. That time will come off their progression once they hit FT.
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    I see. They replaced the split or cover Ft language to this Pt crap. That sucks bass. The other question I have is you have to wait until you go Ft before you can get a pension credit?