What's CACH holding?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by curiousbrain, Nov 30, 2012.

  1. curiousbrain

    curiousbrain Well-Known Member

    I heard an interesting story today that CACH is holding a ridiculous amount; and that trailers are being sent to MEANJ, along with other places, and that the East might get really smacked on Monday. Anyone else hear anything like that?
  2. ocnewguy

    ocnewguy Member

    Our belt has been sending 4-5 loads to meadowlands/parsippany every night this last week. those poor bastards back east
  3. curiousbrain

    curiousbrain Well-Known Member

    I appreciate the heads up.
  4. ocnewguy

    ocnewguy Member

    I should've specified I don't work at CACH. I can't say I really know anything about what's going on there. I wouldn't doubt the east is going to get buried next week though
  5. curiousbrain

    curiousbrain Well-Known Member

    If you hadn't replied with that, the rumor would have been SO GOOD!
  6. ikoi62

    ikoi62 Member

    we have a 10 hour preload Monday..we start at 1030pm Sunday night..short weekend :(
  7. Anonymous 10

    Anonymous 10 Guest

    I heard we are going to get crushed with east coast volume next week. Can't wait
  8. 'Lord Brown's bidding'

    'Lord Brown's bidding' Well-Known Member

    Sup from Willow Grove was telling me that bldg is already crushed. He had worked 54 hrs by Thurs (he's PT). They apparently are out of cars, delivery and feeder drivers. Meanwhile, I am basically working a regular week (save Wed, but I had a driver help me then, so it was an ordinary day ultimately). I'd love to lend a hand....
  9. cachsux

    cachsux Wah

    We don't have room in the yard for what we load today. We're not holding a thing. Processing stuff that shippers may have held possibly but every load is heading out one way or another.
  10. spif91

    spif91 Member

    We r getting a 100% pup everyday here from Cache thru Lenexa Ks. Usually doesn't start until the 2nd week in Dec
  11. Returntosender

    Returntosender Well-Known Member

    Is Rockford getting killed?