Whats happens if you cross the line and scab during a strike?


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The company will clean out the system if they see a strike coming.
You will not have packages to handle.

If you cross there are ways of finding out and you will have to deal with the scorn of your fellow union employee's for ever. and ever. and ever.

I'm not kidding.


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Im thinking of doing this if we strike...how would union know if we work?
Because you'll get ratted out by management. There are friendships between drivers and sups, you know. A quick text from a sup to his driver buddy on the picket line, "Hey, you know who is in here working?"

Back in '97, at CHEMA, we had one man cross the line. He was treated like the POS he was when we went back to work. Even management hated him, no one respects a scab. They told him he could work thru Peak, then he had to leave. Hate him or not, you need everyone at Peak!


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There pretty much is no work when we strike!
No Feeders coming in. And no air because the pilots are with us on the strike. That’s how it was in 97. Iam pretty sure the pilots will do the same thing.


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we also had ONE scab in 97.
nobody spoke to him for YEARS.
he tried to stick up for himself and everyone ignored him.

He finally made friends years down the road with new feeder drivers.
we educated the new drivers.

It had a negative effect on him. His weight ballooned up, he had acne all over his face, and had all other kinds of problems.

If he had attempted to apologize maybe things would have been different but he never did.


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I was wondering the same thing. How would the union counter if UPS hires people to replace the striking workers or if the upper management decides to move all the boxes? Also, I heard that some locals are educating the workers on strike tactics. I hope that they make big changes to the contract that address our poor working conditions.